2018-19 Men’s Basketball Schedule and Results


DATE Home/Away OPPONENT Time Result
27-Sep H St.Mary’s 8:00pm
28-Sep H Briercrest 8:00pm
3-Nov A AFLBS 4:00pm
4-Nov A AFLBS 3:00pm
9-Nov A PUC 8:00pm
10-Nov H PUC 8:00pm
16-Nov H TBC 8:00pm
17-Nov H TBC 2:00pm
30-Nov A CMU 8:00pm
1-Dec H CMU 8:00pm
12-Jan A Leech Lake 8:00pm
13-Jan A Leech Lake 2:00pm
18-Jan H TMCC 8:00pm
19-Jan H TMCC 2:00pm
26-Jan A SWC 8:00pm
27-Jan A SWC 2:00pm
1-Feb H OHCC 8:00pm
2-Feb H OHCC 2:00pm
Feb..8 A MCAC Semis
Feb..9 A MCAC Finals
Feb..15 A NIAC Quarters
Feb..16 A NIAC Semis
Feb..17 A NIAC Finals

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