Adopt A Rebel

What is the Adopt a Rebel Program?

The program is designed to provide financial support to our student athletes and teams.  The Adopt a Rebel program provides business, community, alumni, family, and friends an opportunity to be part of Rebel Athletics. Your generous contribution strengthens our commitment to sport excellence, enhances the experience of being a student athlete, and helps turn today’s student athletes into tomorrow’s community leaders.

Why support the Adopt a Rebel Program?

Great varsity programs are built with the help of great supporters. Our student athletes dedicate a significant amount of time and energy to studying, practicing, playing and many cases working part time jobs as well. Red River College is committed to supporting our students who have chosen to pursue athletic goals alongside their academic studies.

Where does my donation go?

Supporting Adopt an Athlete directly benefits the RRC Rebels team of your choice. Funds raised are used for specialized equipment, enhanced training, elevated competitions, and student financial assistance –taking the Rebels to the next level.

Download the Adopt A Rebel Brochure

Adopt A Rebel Brochure

Other ways to support

Adopting a Rebel is one of many ways in which your assistance can benefit the student-athletes and the varsity programs at RRC. There are also opportunities in sponsorship, advertising, scholarships, and endowment funds. If you would like to discuss a different way in which your contribution could help us meet the financial needs required for our student-athletes to succeed, please feel free to contact the athletic department at any time for more information.

2019-2020 supporters

Athlete Supporter
Men’s Volleyball Wayback Burgers

2015-2016 supporters

Athlete Supporter
Women’s Soccer Elaine Lagasse
Andrea Doerksen Insurance Brokers Association of Manitoba
Women’s Soccer Lacey Finnbogason, Liubov Shelest, Brittany Hogeveen, Brittney Finnson, Aubrey Doerksen, Addison Zeltins, Emeraude Kwilu, Paige Proctor, Jessica Lister, Lianne Fillion, Steph Morris, Kelsie Paul
Emeraude Kwilu Blandine Kapita Kama
Lacey Finnbogason Issac Ben Diamond
Women’s Soccer Dawn Wellman

2014-2015 supporters

Athlete Supporter
Stephanie Nieroda WSOC Edward Nieroda
Melony Dittbrenner WSOC
Brooke Smith, Lianne Fillion, Elizabeth Codville WSOC
Kiera Mirza, Nadine Albas, Jessica Lister, Megan-rae Castro WSOC
Stephanie Morris, Karla Henuset WSOC
Brittany Loschiavo WSOC Roma Autobody
Morgan Butler WSOC Adrienne & Carl Kernested
Brittany Hogeveen WSOC Dan Hogveen
Diedra Wellman WSOC Dawn Wellman, That’s the Spirit Liquor Store
Chelsea Laham
 Taylor Hedley WVB Janice Smales