Enjoy soccer during the winter and join the Rebels Co-Ed Futsal League! This 10 week league offers players a safe and fun environment to play Futsal with your friends. This ten week league is open to all adults 18 yrs and older of both genders.

Cost: $700 per team

Registration: To register visit our RRC page on imLeagues: Click Here

To register a team, you need to create a imLeagues account, for information on how to do that Click Here Participant_Signup_Instructions 2.0

Game Dates: Jan 14,21,28, Feb 4,11,25, Mar 4,11,18,25 from 6pm – 10:30pm

Location: North Gym in the Notre Dame Campus

Game Length: Each game will be 44 min in length with two equal 22 min halfs. For the first 20 min of each half the game will observe running time, for the remaining 2 minutes of each half, stop time. 1 minute halftime.

Players: Each team starts 4 players and 1 gk. Each team must sign up a minimum of 7 players to join the league.

Mixed Gender. Each team must have at least 2 of 5 players/gk of the opposite gender/gender identity on the court at all times. A team must also start with 5 players. If a team fails to either at the start of the game, a one goal penalty is given and 10 minutes wait period is given. After the 10 minutes, if the team fails to have the right amount of starters, the game is forfeited. A team may finish a game with less than 5 players on the court due to injury or ejection.

Officials: Each game will have one timekeeper and one official.

Jerseys: Teams must wear matching jerseys, with a 6 inch number on front and 8 inch number on back. Goalies must wear a jerseys of a different colour than both teams

Game Rules: League will follow standard FIBA Futsal rules with some modifications to ensure safety and the spirit of fair play and fun is emphasized. Full League rules will be distributed to captains prior to the League starting. Rebels Rec reserves the right to exclude players under suspension from any othe League/Association. Example: Slide tackling will not be permitted in the Rebels Co-Ed Futsal League

Team Meeting: All teams will be required to have a representative at a team meeting prior to the League starting. Any team not in attendance for the FULL meeting will be withdrawn from the League and their money refunded.

Any further questions can be directed to Athletics and Rec Services Coordinator Cole Skinner @ coskinner@rrc.ca