Throughout the year Recreation Services hosts sports contests for staff and students to test their sports knowledge! Free to enter, fun to play, with lots of great prizes for the winners and participants! Sign up with your class mates and work friends to the Rebels Sport Contests


Winter Term Contests

March Madness Bracket Challenge: Every year Rebels Athletics and Recreation Services hosts a March Madness Bracket Challenge. Free to play, open to all RRC Staff and Students.

Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge: Rebels Athletics and Recreation Services hold an annual Rebels Stanley Cup Bracket Challenge. Pick your winners and decide who will win the greatest trophy in pro sports. Free to play, open to all RRC Staff and Students.






Fall Term Contest

Rebels NFL Survivor Pool: The premise is simple — every week you pick a team to win its matchup. If you choose correctly, you advance to the next week. Choose poorly and you’re out for the season. There is a wrinkle: You can only use a team once during the season. It’s fun, easy and free to play! Open to all RRC staff and students. To enter, Click Here to the link.  Once on the site, click join group, use the password “rebels” and join the group. You have to create a account if you don’t already have one.

One entry per person, deadline to enter is September 6. Make sure to identify yourself with either your user name or email.


Feel free to contact Recreation Services Coordinator Cole Skinner at with any questions.