Rebels Lunch Special Events
Don’t have the time for a weeknight or weekend Intramural? No problem, join us for one of our fun Lunch Special Events. This events occur on Wednesdays, from 11am-1pm in the North Gym throughout the school year. Pop by with your friends to test your skills, have fun and win some great prizes! Open to all. No registration to be filled, no fees to pay, just come to the gym to get active and participate!

Fall Term Lunch Special Events

September 26th: Rock/Scissors/Paper-Lunch Event.
Try your luck against other staff and students in everyone’s favourite one handed game!








October 24th: Rebels Football Combine.
October means fall, and fall means football! Come down to the North Gym and test some of your football skills for a chance to win great prizes!








November 28th: Rebels Shoot Out.
Gretzky, Lemieux, Crosby, Laine. Add your name to the list of greats, and test your shooting skills at the Rebels Shoot out. How many targets can you hit! Find out and play for some prizes!







Winter Term Lunch Special Events

March 12: Pop Shot Challenge
Join us the in the Atrium at EDC for the Pop Shot Challenge. Just like at your favourite carnivals and arcades, challenge your friends to see how many shots they can make in 30 secs.







March 13: Free Throw Challenge
How many free throws can you make in a minute! Catch March Madness and have some fun at lunch!







April 9: Home Run Derby
How many dingers can you hit? Come down to the North Gym and swing like Ruth, crush like Stanton and hit bombs like Big Papi. Open to everyone, easy to try and fun for all!


For further information on all Lunch Events please contact Athletics and Recreation Coordinator Cole Skinner at 204.632.2397 or