Club Sports

A club sport is a group of students that voluntarily organize to further their common interests in an activity through participation and competition. Whether you are interested in rugby, badminton, or cross country running, club sports offer an exciting and healthy opportunity to be active in an energetic environment.

All you need to get a club sport off the ground is the desire to develop your leadership skills and a group of people with a similar interest in a particular sport or activity. Club sports are student led and foster an atmosphere of leadership development through involvement in fundraising, public relations, organization, administration, budgeting, scheduling as well as the development of skills in a particular sport or recreational activity. Club sports are set up through the RRCSA Club program.

RRC Recreation Services provides these voluntarily-run student organizations with facility space, administrative support and promotional opportunities in an effort to ensure that each club sport is as successful as possible.

Note: As club sports are self-funded some may charge additional dues to cover expenses related to specialty equipment, travel costs and more.

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