Personal Training

Bored with your workout? Not achieving the results you want? Just starting out? Make the most of your time and efforts in fitness training by getting help from a certified personal trainer.

RRC Recreation offers an excellent personal training program that allows participants to work under the supervision and expertise of a certified personal trainer. Currently all of our trainers are CSEP certified which is the highest standard in Canada, while needing a minimum university degree in Kinesiology to apply for certification. CSEP certified trainers are the only ones recognized with the education to train in schools, hospitals and post-secondary institutions.

What can a personal trainer do for you?

  • Help you set wellness goals.
  • Motivate you.
  • Develop personalized programs to meet your specific goals and needs.
  • Help you get over a training plateau.
  • Teach you to workout safely.
  • Improve your skills or give you new ideas and exercises.

Body Composition Analysis ($40)

A complete body analysis that includes measures of height, weight, girths and skin folds then uses them along with scientific formulas to calculate body composition.  Results provide useful information for individuals interested in knowing current percentages, associated health benefits/risks, and monitoring changes that happen when incorporating physical activity and sound nutrition into daily living. (30-minute service)

Fitness Appraisal ($60)

Draw on the expertise of our Professional Trainers to evaluate your health and lifestyle history, determine your personal profile, and lay the groundwork for a safe, personal program of health-promoting behaviors. Our professionals will discuss with you your personal goals, how to achieve them, and how to integrate physical activity into your lifestyle for optimum health and well being. You will receive a summary of your results with the associated health benefits/risks. (90-minute service)

Personal Training (See Rates Below)

RRC Professional Trainers will show you how to effectively get the most of your workout by guiding you through a session of proper exercise techniques, body alignment, safety considerations, injury prevention, and stretching methods. Want to receive training with some friends? Check out our incredible group rates! (60-minute service)

One on one training Group training
# of sessions Rate Group size Rate/person Total
1 $50 2 $30 $60
2-4 $45 3 $25 $75
5+ $40 4 $20 $80

To book a session or for more information on personal training contact:

Mario De Negri, Fitness Coordinator / Personal Trainer
Phone: 204.949.8499