Each class will begin with a functional group warm-up, followed by a demonstration of the techniques needed for the exercises that will be performed that day.

The class will be fun, challenging and always changing, you’re guaranteed to never be bored. We will be using kettlebells, bodyweight movements, plyometrics, TRX and a variety of other resistance equipment. We will work all the things you need to move better and get stronger for everyday life!

Each exercise will be scalable. Which means that each person will be able to excel in this class, it’s great for every level. I want you to fall in love with movement!

Desired Class Outcomes: Have fun, improved movement, feel stronger and have more energy


Erica Wilken is a personal trainer and Kinesiologist, she has worked with people of all ages and abilities. She is passionate about continuing education and has attended many conferences and seminars allowing her to implement the newest researched-based programming. She has years of experience working in semi-private settings and loves the challenge that comes with programming for different abilities. Erica has also worked in a physiotherapy clinic helping the clients rehab their injuries. improve movement, and increase their strength.




She is passionate about helping people fall in love with fitness and find their own fitness passion.