12 Week Wellness Program

The Rebel in you wants to change things up. You want to go against the everyday and be a better you.

This 12 week individual wellness program has been developed to help you get active and lead a healthier life.

Finding time in a busy day is tough so this program has been designed for you to work through it at your own pace, while all the time moving forward to help you accomplish the goals you have laid out for yourself.

We encourage you to download this booklet (RebelInYou) and share it with friends and family and ask them to join you. The more you tell people you are getting active and the more people who join in with you the more success everyone will have.

Share your experiences on Instagram using the hashtag #rebelsrec or post what you are doing to be active to our Facebook page. Brag about your success! Let us celebrate your success!

Struggling? Contact us at rebels@rrc.ca for suggestions or tips.