Download a copy of this information here Rental Info and Guidelines

  • Your rental booking time includes time for set up and take down. If you booked the gym/fields from 3 to 6, take down and set up must be included in that time. Set up can not start earlier and you can not run your event later than that. You MUST clear the gym/fields by the end of your rental time.
  • Should the rental group prior to you not be cleared of the floor/fields please contact Manager of Athletics and Recreation Services or designate.
  • Security or Recreation Services Staff will open the gym/fields for the time the rental is scheduled to start ie 8am if you booked it for 8am
  • No food or drinks are permitted to be served or consumed in facility foyers or taken into gymnasium spaces
  • Permitted use of space and applicable rental charges do not include the use of school equipment other than volleyball standards, basketball nets and soccer goals. Sporting equipment such as volleyball nets, balls, floor mats, scoreboards, corner flags etc. are not included as part of the rental agreement unless otherwise agreed to.
  • Non-marking, rubber-soled shoes must be worn at all times for all sport activities in gymnasium and auditorium spaces
  • There is not a public phone available in the gymnasiums or fields, the rental group or organization is advised to have access to a cell phone for general use and emergencies.
  • Adult supervision is required for the duration of the rental period, one of which being the Event Supervisor indicated on the rental agreement.
  • The Event Supervisor should be the first member of the group to enter the College and the last to leave.
  • For safety reasons the Event Supervisor must have a cell phone with them during the rental and the number listed on the application.
  • The Event Supervisor must ensure participants remain within rented areas and that the start/finish times indicated on the permit are adhered to.
  • The Event Supervisor should have a copy of the rental application with them or entrance may be delayed pending verification.
  • Changes or alterations shall not be made to any facilities unless expressly permitted. The application of tape, staples, pins, wax, powder or any other preparations to floors, walls or ceilings is prohibited.
  • Use of tables and chairs is not permitted unless pre-booked.
  • The hallways of the College are not a training / warm up area use of balls and other implements, running etc is not permitted
  • Concessions may only be set up if prearranged with the Manager of Athletics and Recreation Services.
  • Users are required to pick up garbage and recycling left by their group and place it in provided receptacles.

Medical Emergencies

Renters must have an appropriate plan to deal with medical emergencies. If an accident or injury occurs it is the Event Supervisor’s responsibility to report the incident immediately to Security Services and the Manager of Athletics and Recreation Services. If a Critical Injury occurs the Event Supervisor should obtain medical treatment, evacuate the area if it’s considered unsafe and then call Security Services and the Manager of Athletics and Recreation Services. If there is any doubt if it is a Critical Injury or if the person is taken to the hospital by ambulance then please treat the injury as a Critical Injury.

Fire Emergencies

Any person detecting smoke or fire must immediately sound the fire alarm by activating the nearest fire alarm pull station and call Security Services and 911. On hearing the fire alarm signal, all activities are to be stopped and all personnel must evacuate the building using the nearest safe exit or alternate exit. Only when it is determined to be safe by the attending Fire Department personnel and RRC Security Services, will the group be allowed to re-enter the gym.

Emergency Procedures

We ask Event Supervisors to review the emergency procedures for RRC at the following link prior to all events RRC Emergency Procedures

South Gym

  • Lights are located on the wall by the north west entry doors to the left of the stage
  • Washrooms are located in the lower level OR through the south doors.
  • No one is allowed onto the walking track unless it has been agreed to in the rental agreement
  • You are not allowed to remove chairs from any other room and bring them to the south gym
  • Use of the soccer nets is not permitted
  • For safety reasons chairs are not permitted on the stage
  • Use of the portable stairs is not allowed
  • AED is located on the wall to the left of the stage

North Gym

  • Lights are located in the hallway to the right of the first single entry door to the gym, push and turn to turn the lights on
  • Ice is located in the freezer on the north side of the bleachers
  • No one is allowed into the Loft unless it has been included in your rental agreement
  • You are not allowed to remove chairs from any other room and bring them to the north gym
  • Use of the portable bleachers is not allowed unless otherwise agreed to
  • Use of bleachers is not permitted unless pre-booked. If bleachers have not been set up you are not permitted to manually extend them. If they are set up you are not allowed to manually put them back in.
  • Volleyball nets are located on the south wall and should be returned to the hook at this location. Volleyball posts and ref standing are located in storage room GM 26 and to be returned to this location.
  • AED is located on the wall to the left of the customer service desk

Soccer Fields

  • The main gate located on the East side of the field near the shed is the one that will be unlocked. If you require a west field gate to be opened please request this ahead of time
  • To save wear and tear on the fields please have spectators walk around the fields not across them. Try to do any warms ups on the sidelines or between fields to lessen impact on the fields.

Red River Security Contact: 204-632-2323