Facility Rentals

IMPORTANT: Due to COVID-19 Red River College is not currently accepting facility rentals.

Our facilities are available for rent for tournaments and events. We offer full-day or by-the-hour bookings. Rates varying depending on your needs. Please see the information below for more details.

The officer, person or persons in charge of the group or organization (“applicant”) named on the face of the application form must agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Groups agree to follow our Rental Guidelines and Inclement Weather Field Closure Guidelines.

All bookings must be done on a facility use form that can be filled out at the following link.

Rental Rates and Requirements

North Gym

Includes one full volleyball / basketball / futsal court or 3 cross court basketball / volleyball.


  • Full day rental –  $490
  • Hourly rental – $70


  • 24.155m x 48.958m – 1182m2
  • 79 ’x 160.5’ – 12,729 ft.2
  • Ceiling height approximately 26′ – 6″
  • Bleachers hold 450 people

North Gym Loft Level Floor Plan

North Gym Mall Level Floor Plan



  • $40 per hour
  • $240 per day

South Gym

Includes one full volleyball / basketball court or two cross courts for volleyball.


  • Full day rate – $350
  • Hourly rate – $50


  • 20.405m2 x 32.380m2 – 660.7m2
  • 67’ x 106’ – 7111 ft.2
  • Ceiling height approximately 24′ – 9″

South Gym Floor Plan

Notre Dame Campus Softball Diamond


  • $35 per game

Norm Konawalchuk Soccer Fields (Notre Dame Campus)

Two full-sized soccer pitches.


  • $65 for two hours per field
  • $80 for three hours per field
  • Minimum two hour booking

See the soccer field schedule

Additional Fees

Additional charges will apply to the following: set-up, clean-up, staffing requirements, equipment rentals (sporting equipment, tables, chairs, floor coverings), and if an additional day(s) is required for set-up or clean-up.

  • Chairs – $1/chair
  • Tables – $5/table
  • Floor tarps – $125 for the South Gym, $125 for the North Gym Main Court, $175 for the North Gym Full Gym plus staffing costs.
  • North Gym Bleachers – $135 per section