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Exam and Holiday Stress: 7 Stretches You Can do at Your Desk

November 30, 2018

It is December and the stress of exams and the holidays can take its toll.  The day can get by without noticing how long we’ve been sitting. From the breakfast table at home, driving in the car, to sitting at the desk, our bodies spend a lot of time seated and are not designed for this.

Sitting for too long can cause muscle imbalances where it can cause weak and tight muscles. Our backs suffer from weak abdominal muscles giving the back poor support and the forward pull of gravity to flex it forward. With so many ailments today of tight hamstrings and lower back pain we need find some balance to being seated so much in today’s culture.

Here are seven stretches that can be done at your desk and don’t draw too much attention to you for doing them. They take only few minutes and doing them a couple of times a day can dramatically change how you feel. Start with going through them once then take a break and go back to what you were doing. As you become more comfortable you can repeat them and do a couple of sets to get a longer lasting response from the body. Enjoy.

Mario De Negri

Fitness Coordinator at RRC

Getting Started

November 19, 2018

Getting started on anything is going to be a constant theme of life for anyone. Whether it’s getting started with a new year, getting started in a new career or even just getting started with our day. Getting started with anything seems to be good in theory but can be much more challenging in practice. The intentions we have to move through change and start on new routines are great until life takes over and creates challenges and barriers which can get us caught up.

One of the key things to keep in mind that with every new thing started it will be met with how our patterns in the past have been. It is unrealistic to expect that starting something will bring on success right away and not have set backs or old patterns present themselves. The process of change will bring up some of the very things you are wanting to change, so when they do it is an opportunity to notice that you are in a place of changing more so then in the times when you didn’t even notice those things come up.

One example of something difficult to change is time. We have only a limited amount of time in a day, and then to try to get involved in something like exercises, time will present itself as a challenge to get up and active. It is when you notice that you are trying to be active but time is causing the pressure of not being able to, it shows you that barrier, which will need to be overcome to continue on with what you truly want.

The Getting Started booklet is designed to help show you the different aspects of our lives that help to create a balanced and well-rounded person. All of these components will have their own barriers and challenges but the practices that are outlined are meant to be used as guides when those challenges present themselves.  It is only through the regular practice of these small changes, that over time the changes start to be felt. So in the example of time being the barrier, once you become active and have worked through that challenge of not having time you will start to find that while being active you find the time to do so but also your sense of time also starts to expand creating what some people have described as having more time. It is only through the process of doing that work that the outcomes are experienced. When we focus on the outcomes, more than the process we miss the point as well as usually fall back into old patterns.

Use this booklet as a guide to help getting a better understanding of yourself, and to learn about where your challenges are and what tools you will need to work on to improve those aspects. There is no final goal, or end when it comes to self-development. It is a continual journey of practice which like all things with practice leads to improvement. Small frequent changes over time shows more reward, over large inconsistent bouts. Notice the dips and challenges and use those as learning opportunities to show you that you are still on the right track.

STOP – 30 things to stop doing to yourself

October 25, 2018

by Mario De Negri, Fitness Coordinator for Rebel Athletics and Recreation Services

I came across this blog when I was feeling a fair bit of turbulence in my life. I personally was doing great. Everything was in line, I was working at my best, and being my best self which warrants recognition as that’s something I have failed to do in my past, and can imagine others feeling something similar in their lives.

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Sign Up for our Annual Floor Hockey Tournament!

October 19, 2018

Looking for some fun, physical activity and the chance to make new friends?  These one day co-ed recreational events are great way to meet new people, exercise, and have fun!
Sign up by yourself, with a friend or get a group of friends together and make a team to try and win one of the coveted Intramural Champion T-Shirts. Open to all RRC Staff, Students, Alumni and Community members.

Fall Term Events

November 3rd: Floor Hockey Challenge
$30 per team $5 for Free agent
Grab some buds, find your fav hockey sweaters and sign up for day of passes, saves and cellies! Join us for a full day of floor hockey in the North Gym where you compete for the all important champions tshirt! This is Open tournament, and persons from RRC and the community can participate.
Floor Hockey Rules-1dfqjw6

To sign up fill out the following form and take to student services for payment. Deadline to register is One (1) week prior to event. 2018-19 Intramurals and Special Events List-1yzi5z8

Join Us at the RRC Combine Next Wednesday in North Gym!

October 19, 2018

Rebels Lunch Special Events
Don’t have the time for a weeknight or weekend Intramural? No problem, join us for one of our fun Lunch Special Events. This events occur on Wednesdays, from 11am-1pm in the North Gym throughout the school year. Pop by with your friends to test your skills, have fun and win some great prizes! Open to all. No registration to be filled, no fees to pay, just come to the gym to get active and participate!

October 24th: Rebels Football Combine.
October means fall, and fall means football! Come down to the North Gym and play some football related games for a chance to win great prizes! No football experience required, come and have some fun!





Roll for Relief and Relaxation

October 5, 2018

Lets be honest when you read that title you didn’t think you’d be reading an article on foam rolling.  Some of the most common questions we get in our fitness centre are “What are those things? What am I suppose to do with it?  Does it really work?  When we get these question most people are referring to foam rollers.  Read More →

Live Life Your Way

September 21, 2018

When I went to university I had a difficult time making the transition.  During my first year, I reached the half-way point and I still hadn’t found that feeling of being “in stride” with it. I understood the routine of getting up for classes and making sure I caught my bus at the same time every day.  I also felt the stress of the workload piling up on me and I barely had any free moments to relax and not think – to be young and having fun.

I thought my January resolutions would’ve held out … but who was I kidding. I knew it would be the same pattern as before, and just thinking that way had already set me up for failure. I knew that if I was to succeed with what I wanted out of life I had to really take a good look at myself, really see who I was and face some of the unwanted answers to the question “Who am I?”. I would have to make some tough decisions, and change the way I live by recognizing my personal patterns (both good and bad).

Here are some tips that helped me back then and continue to help make my life one that I design for myself and not something that others have programmed for me.

1)     Just Do It

One thing that stops most of us is our inability to just do something, anything. What should I do? How should I do it?  Just the momentum of movement will lead us to answers we seek as long as we remain detached to the outcomes and remain focused on ourselves. Energy creates energy. Fears will be there and barriers will come but by taking a simple step towards what you want you will bring yourself closer to that bliss we all chase.  This one step will also create emotions within ourselves which, when they are in line with our true path, will lift us up and carry us further down the path of our dreams. However if you deal with any type of anxiety this can seem like a huge deal. It’s easier said than done. Work on being gentle with yourself and working on non-judgment. If you can find yourself at a point where you can forgive yourself for doing nothing you are on the right track to getting into doing something. There is no race in life. You are on your own timeline which can give you that sense of freedom and relieve some of the pressures on ourselves.

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10 Rules of Gym Etiquette

September 14, 2018

The new school year is upon us and that means new students and staff in the fitness centres.   Make sure you’re not the one who’s turning heads for all the wrong reasons by following some simple rules of gym etiquette. RRC Recreation Services has put some tips together to help everyone have a good experience. Read More →

The Rebel in You – A 12 Week Wellness Program

September 7, 2018

Sometimes starting an exercise program can be more challenging than the working out itself. Having to figure out how to get started, learning new terminology to what’s the difference between a rep and a set as well as knowing what to exactly do while in the gym. That is why we designed a custom p specific for The Rebel in You.rogram

This is a complete guide to getting moving and started on a journey of healthy living. Inside you’ll learn different terms and a glossary of definitions. The booklet has advice as to why being active is the right thing for you to do and it gives tips to help keep you on track, even when we find ourselves with a setback, we can still learn from it and use the tips to get back on. You will be shown how to find your target heart rate to make sure that when you are training aerobically you are being efficient and reaching the level needed to reach your goals. It also helps you with how to make and set goals!

Included in the program booklet is a couple of full workout programs, which you can do at your own pace and you can keep track of it with the weekly calendar data chart to measure progress. Each program can be done for the entirety of the 12 weeks, or you can switch to another one if you feel you’d like to be challenged a bit more from the previous program. One of the programs is designed without any equipment which means it can help you become more familiar with movement and your body but also it means you can also do it at home. At the end of a workout or on a day you feel you need a stretch you can use the stretching guidelines to help balance out the work you’ve been putting in from the exercising.

Regardless of your level of fitness or experience, this program is designed to help you get a little bit more from your wellness plans and to help guide you in a total wellness program. The Rebel in You wellness booklet can be found on our website and it is free to download. Feel free to ask coworkers to join in, or family members to help provide support and a bit of social gathering time while you do something good for you. To be well is less about how you “should” go to the gym, or about the time you denied yourself dessert but more of an understanding that you matter and are important. That the higher value you place on yourself to take one more step or do one more rep pays out not only in your future self but also in your present self. We all are living a life where life happens, so we do not need to wait for life to happen in the “right way” for us to be well but we can practice being well in ourselves with each moment so that we create a life of wellness and well-being.

Bike Share program at Notre Dame Campus

August 31, 2018

The Rebels Rec Services bike share program was established in 2015 as a way for students and staff to run errands, be active or just take a leisurely ride.

The program is part of the department’s commitment to providing sustainable and convenient transportation options.

Currently four bikes, which will be assigned on a first-come, first-served basis, are located at the North Gym on the NDC Campus.

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