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My Gluten-Free List

May 27, 2020

My Gluten-Free Advice

I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at the age of 11 and have seen it all when it comes to gluten free “food”! My mom used to send me with a sandwich for lunch that turned into breadcrumbs in a ziplock bag by 12:00pm. It was awful.

Fortunately, the world has become significantly more accommodating to the gluten-free diet as diagnoses are on the rise, and many people are beginning to choose this diet to make positive changes in their health.

I thought I would share some gluten free advice on restaurants to visit and where I shop…


  • Superstore
    • Visit their bakery section! They usually have tons of fresh goods like sandwhich bread, banana loaves, choco chip cookies and brownies
    • Check out their pre-made chicken wings – there are a few GF options!
  • Sobeys (my personal favourite)
    • NEW Promise brand – quite possibly the best GF brand I have ever tasted
      • Promise offers bread, banana/lemon loaves, and other fun baked items
    • Ristorante Frozen GF pizza
    • At most Sobeys stores you’ll also find a Health/Wellness/Gluten-free section with lots of options
      • I love K-TOOS oreos and lovegoodfats keto bars! Very tasty


  • Boston Pizza
    • LOVE THEM. From pizza to pasta to salads to wings – they have it all.
  • Pizza Hotline
    • I order their cauliflower crust pizza – my favourite type is “Tropical Chicken” with bbq sauce, pineapple, chicken, and bacon. Yum. There is the possibility of cross-contamination so this depends on your allergy or preference.
  • Cocoabeans
    • This is a MUST VISIT if you are Celiac. If you haven’t gone, you are letting yourself down big time. Eat a burger, chicken fingers and fries, sandwiches, cakes, cookies… it’s awesome.
  • Baked Expectations
    • Order the GF Hazelnut Meringue cake. You will not regret it.
  • Smitty’s
    • Great choices for naked wings + they also have really good breakfast options. They offer gluten free bread as a side choice as well
  • Kawaii Crepes
    • If I could go to Kawaii every day, I would. They offer gluten free crepes and you can order most of the options off the menu!
  • Thai Express
    • I order their Pad Thai and they serve it with GF rice noodles. Really good take-out option and it’s delicious. I’ve usually visited their location near IKEA

The list can go on and on but I hope this gave you some ideas! Enjoy