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COVID-Friendly Summer Activities

May 20, 2020

By Evelyn Kampen

The weather is warming up and summer is almost here! So what are some fun COVID-friendly activities you can do RIGHT NOW? Here’s my list:

  1. Plan a long bike ride to Lockport and stop for an ice cream treat at Half Moon Drive-In.
  2. Start a house renovation project. Paint your bedroom, build a deck or start a vegetable and herb garden!
  3. Quit procrastinating on your spring-cleaning and donate all of your old items to your local thrift store.
  4. Explore Manitoba by going for a hike! Try McGillivray Falls, Hunt Lake Hiking Trail, Spruce Woods or Pine Point.
  5. Enter a fitness competition for 2021 (half or relay marathon, Swamp Donkey or obstacle relay, Iron Man, triathlon, etc) and start your training plan today.
  6. Book a tee time for a round of golf or challenge a friend to a tennis game!
  7. Google some new recipes and try to cook your own gourmet masterpiece.
  8. Invite a couple of family members or friends over for a BBQ and socially-distanced patio drinks.
  9. Write up birthday cards for the entire year so that you’re always ready for the occasion.
  10. Get out to Birds Hill Park for a picnic or a walk.
  11. Back up all of your photographs and videos from your computer and phone onto an external hard-drive.
  12. Get creative with some acts of kindness and help out your family and friends!