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What is Flow or Flow State?

May 15, 2020

         You most likely have experienced a flow state at some point in your life, likely unaware that it is happening but there comes a sense of everything lining up. There is this fluidity of experience between your body and your mind. You have become totally absorbed and intensely focused on something that nothing is distracting you.

There becomes this effortless action of doing but having this doing nothing experience. All of your senses become heightened, yet you seem to disappear into the moment. The sense of time seems like it slows down, but you lose track of it altogether. It seems, that this is a place where thought has settled down like the stillness of a lake and our bodies move effortlessly like water flowing downstream.

Often this state is also called “the zone”, where, if you were running or doing another sporting activity you can enter it. You don’t necessarily need to be running or an athlete to access this state; it is accessible to all of us. It can happen whether you are engaged in physical activity, creative work, or even simple day-to-day tasks.

Flow is a balancing act of making sure the right amount of challenge is met with the right amount of skill. Some conditions to enter flow would be intrinsic in nature to the person. A clear set of goals to meet and track progress. The moment must be enjoyable and the ability to pay attention to the moment without distractions.

In essence, the flow state can be reached in all moments of our life but does require meeting certain conditions and those may require work especially if the skills are new. Here is a short video on flow state and hopefully gets you on the process to reaching yours.