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11 Questions to ask your Grandparents

May 13, 2020

By Evelyn Kampen

I don’t know about you, but I’ve really missed my Grandma during this pandemic! We always have fulfilling conversations and I really admire her. One of the gifts that she has given me is her time and genuine interest. She is a great listener but also has tons of stories to tell.

I’ve realized that the best stories come out of the right kind of questions, so I’ve compiled 11 fun questions (that I found on various sites online) to ask your Grandma, Grandpa, or any of your loved ones.


  1. What was your favourite toy/activity as a child?


  1. What was one of your favourite books as a child or adult?


  1. What is one of your favourite memories from your childhood?


  1. What did you want to be when you grew up?


  1. What is your most memorable trip and why?


  1. What is your favourite memory about being a mom?


  1. What is your favourite memory about being a grandma?


  1. What is your favourite technological invention that occurred in your lifetime?


  1. Do you have a favourite age/stage in life?


  1. What are the secrets to living a long, fulfilling life?


  1. Is there any piece of advice that you would like to share?