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Creativity and Wellness

May 8, 2020

Hey everyone, my name is Mario De Negri, Fitness Coordinator for RRC and I want to do a series on creativity and how it translates to our wellbeing. More specifically I’d like to dive into what is called “Flow” for this series, and creativity is a great vehicle to achieve flow.

I found this blog on the connection between creativity and our wellness. It highlights how being creative strengthens neuron pathways which help us to problem solve, deal and respond to stressful situations and also makes us happier because we are doing things that take our direct and immediate focused attention.

Three things that can help foster creativity are:

  1. Focus on new ideas – at the right time

– Meaning pick the task and focus on it for some duration without any other distractions such as the TV on or our phones.

  1. Be open to new things

– Being open allows us to have a broader range of options to choose from much like a painter having more paint colors to select and use.

  1. Ask questions

– Coming into the flow requires thinking outside of the box sometimes and does require problem solving. More questions means the database of the mind can come up with solutions quicker and easier.

Most people think being creative is something you have or you don’t. This is untrue. We must think of creativity as a skill that the more you use it the better skilled you become in being creative. When we were children, no one had to show us how to play, create imaginary worlds/friends, and be continually curious and explore. As we’ve grown we learn to want immediate rewards and pose judgments on ourselves, which will limit the sense of freedom we can feel through create acts. Yes, perhaps you don’t play piano like Mozart but being in the flow state doesn’t differentiate from an individuals’ skill level but in their full committed attention to the act and this will bring them to the same place even Mozart experienced when creating.

So I encourage going and creating so that you will experience the multitude of benefits from mental, physical and emotional wellness. You never know what you might discover.