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Thank you: Our Day of Gratitude

April 23, 2020


Today is our day of gratitude, we are taking the time to help our students and staff thank people who have made a difference to them. We thank each of you for the difference you’ve made and to the nominator’s thanks for taking the time to say thanks we are touched by your words.”


Please take the time to read their words below


To Myrna on behalf of Leah thank you for supporting our students

“I love this idea of spreading thanks in the RRC community, especially in this time of stress for students and administrators as we work towards returning to campus and our studies in the fall. I’d like to say thank you to Rec services for all they are doing at this time.

I would also like to recognize Myra BN RN,  RRC nursing clinical instructor in the surgical term at HSC. Her saying at the end of each day was “feel your feelings” and that has stayed with me throughout the program since meeting her. She created safe spaces for us to express ourselves and she is the kind of nurse I aspire to be.”

To Nazir on behalf of Evelyn, thank you for always bringing a positive attitude

“I’d like to say thanks to Nazir. I appreciate my daily chats with Lil Naz. He always has uplifting things to say and his work ethic is inspiring. He never leaves the gym without a fist bump on his way out! Makes my day, every time.”

To Carl on behalf of Christine thank you for helping us with our new normal 

“I have someone I want to say Thanks to. Carl in ITS. Carl spent 2 whole days a couple of weeks ago to alleviate frustration and anxiety the Scheduling Team was experiencing using the scheduling software via VPN connection. The speed was unbelievably slow and impacting the work and deadlines we are trying to meet. With approvals, Carl was able to connect each of us to remote desktops. We know Carl was likely working on other projects but dropped it all to get us working more efficiently and effectively.

The Scheduling team would like to say a HUGE thanks to Carl.”

To Chris on behalf  of Klara, thanks for being chill

“At the end of January, Chris took over as Acting Chair of Creative Arts. At the same time, he was/is still the Coordinator of 3D Computer Graphics and Digital Media Design, and is teaching.

Whether it’s other staff at the College or students, everyone speaks very highly of Chris. I have never heard anyone say a negative word about him.  Simply put, he’s an all-around great guy. He seems to be able to handle any task given to him with ease, and he’s appreciated for his sense of fairness and composure.

Just over one month later, Covid-19 added another challenge, and Chris was very transparent in his communication to staff. While instructors were given days to set up courses online, some that were seemingly impossible to do, he was and is there to assist them. He has been an excellent support, communicator, leader. He respects the staff’s expertise and capabilities, while lending a hand when needed.

Chris is chill. And in a time when there is uncertainty, we need chill the most. Someone who takes a very challenging situation and leads with a level head, positive attitude, and respect.”

To Tammy on behalf of Audrey, thanks for saying good morning

“I would like to put Tammy’s name forward as someone who makes my morning everyday. She is always friendly and says a bright Good Morning to me and all members of our staff and students coming in when we open the library in the morning. She is the front desk person in the library and answers all the college switchboard calls. One of the front faces of the college!”

To Jennifer on behalf of Melissa, thanks for always being there

“Jennifer in the Operations area in Continuing Education is an unbelievably hard worker. She is the lone person who sets up every single course section through CE & DE. She also has to make any and all changes.  She works at a speed and precision that is unmatched by anybody else. She pays attention to details that most people might miss and saves us a lot of troubleshooting by finding things before they go through the system.

In the years she’s been with us, I have never heard her grumble or complain about her high workload. She’s quiet and unassuming and never looks for admiration or gratitude. Anytime you thank her, she says the same thing, “I’m just doing my job and trying to help”

She really deserves something. I sent a Cheers for Peers to her and she was really touched and surprised.”

To Anna on behalf of Sharon, thank you for saying hi

“I would like to say “Thank You” to Anna for taking the time to say “Hi” in the mornings and getting to know something about each and everyone of us in Enrolment Services. At Christmas time your handwritten personal messages are appreciated.”

To Courtney on behalf of Amy, thanks for being a mentor

“Thank you to my RRC Health Information Management instructor Courtney.  Thank  you for all of your hard work and the help and advice you’ve given me.  Thank you for being a mentor to all of your students!”

To Landen on behalf of Sharon, thanks for you patience

“I would like to send a “Thank You” to Landen- for being so patient and kind with me while we were trying to figure out how to take calls from home and setting up our laptops.”

To Vassanthanathan, Melissa, Dave and all of the EDC Security on behalf of Leslie, thank you for your support

“I would like to say thank you to Vassanthanathan and Melissa for all the wonderful work they do to help the SA out with room bookings at EDC.

I would also like to say Thank you to Dave for his help with ITS during this time of the pandemic when students call the SA numbers to ask for help accessing their HUB. Dave is my go to guy who will help our students.

I would also like to say Thank you to the security staff at EDC for always having a smile. At the start of the pandemic when we were shutting down, they were always so helpful and kept a smile through everything.”

To the Student Service Centre Workers on behalf of Sharon thank you for working for our students

“I would like to say “Thank You” to all my coworkers  at the Student Service Center (NDC and EDC) for having such great attitudes during this difficult time. You all motivate me to keep laughing and working hard for the students we all care for: Karen, Josiphine, Susan, Mikal, Rollie, Muhammad, Cathy, Derek, Lovell and Francesca”

To Gail onbehalf of Ou thank you for your encouragement

“I want to say thanks to my instructor of professional development as well. Her name is Gail. The English is not my mother tongue, sometimes I was afraid of making mistakes while I was speaking it.  Gail always encourages me to speak in English and has given me many chances to practice my oral English in her classes.”

To Mandy on behalf of Sharon thank you for being positive

“I would like to send a “Thank You” to Mandy for always finding a way to stay positive and supporting our team.  She has a great sense of humor and helps keep us connected during this difficult time.”

To Elise on behalf of Tannis, for being an awesome neighbour

“I would like to thank my neighbour who is my daughter’s best friend.  She also works for RRC in a different area than I do.  Every week since we have had to be socially distancing Elise has picked up groceries for my wife and me.  She texts me what time she plans to go.  I text her my list and off she goes.  She drops off the groceries with a big smile and a story about the grocery store or her kids, then she’s off to be supermom working from home!  I appreciate her doing this so much and I know she wouldn’t expect a reward other than the baking we do for her family each week, but she deserves to be recognized!”

To Darlene on behalf of Tam thank you for helping our students during this troubling times

“I would like to say thank-you to Darlene – coordinator of Student Award and Financial Aid – and her team for their effort to process the application for award, bursary, and scholarships.  I deeply appreciate them for working hard to ensure students in need of assistance amid COVID-19 pandemic.

I also would like to appreciate for helping me say thanks to them.

Stay safe and stay healthy,”

To Marlena on behalf of Harlyn thank you being awesome

“I’d like to send out a thank you to Marlena, she is in applied accounting at EDC.

She does her best to help everyone in our class that she can, and she’s rocking this course with kids at home, and still manages to remind me of all the little things I forget. She must feel like she has an extra kid :p Anyway she is so awesome please send a thank you her way if possible!!”

To Dolores on behalf of Ou, thank you for your guidance

“I want to say thanks to my tutor whose name is Dolores, she has helped me a lot of in term of improving my English in writing. I appreciate her patience and professional guidance.”

To Rob on behalf of Janelle, thanks for being so positive

“I would like to send thanks to Rob, Campus Store, for his cheerful assistance in sourcing and acquiring the textbooks used for our five programs in two locations over three semesters every year. He is unfailingly cheerful, patient with my repetitive questions and consistently helpful in keeping all the details sorted out.”

To Marina on behalf of Serenethanks for supporting her well being

“I would like to say thanks to Marina who encouraged me to attend the gym weekly with her (until the COVID-19 restrictions). She has also taken the time to increase my social interaction.”

To Bonnie on behalf of Kristy thank you for supporting our students

“I want to say thank you to Bonnie who was a course leader in my first year of nursing. Since then, she always welcomes me with the warmest hello when I see her and makes me feel so loved within the program!”

To S&S on behalf of Norma for opening our home

“S and S provided a home for me while I was studying at Red River College this past winter. I would like to thank them”

John Mark would like to thank the Rec Services Crew

“I’d like to give a big thank you to Shane, Arsalan, Cole and all the Staff at Recreational Services. It makes a big difference in balancing work and personal growth, to be able to go to the gym to work out or just hang out for a while, knowing that they take a real interest in our well being.  You’re very much appreciated.”