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Rebels United

2019 Men’s Soccer Team MVP

March 24, 2020

tMen’s Soccer Team MVP

March 24, 2020


Congratulations to Eric Harder a third year striker from Riverton in the Carpentry program at RRC on being the Rebel’s Men’s Soccer Team MVP for 2019!

Head Coach Charles Mrena commented, “ Eric seemed to be on a mission from the moment he arrived at our first outdoor practice.  He led by example in the practices and then began the season with a hat trick.  Although goals were few and far between on our team, Eric never failed to work hard each and every game.  When our Captain, Eduardo Francisco, went down to injury, Eric took up the role and took his involvement to another level, showing leadership and commitment. One of my favourite people both on and off the team, a true MVP.  Congratulations!” Harder scored 4 goals on the season and ALWAYS brought positive energy towards the game and his teammates as well.” This is what Harder had to say about how the season went ” The season started off well, but we had a lot of unfortunate injuries that held us back. With the season being so short and a smaller roster than other years, injuries are bound to happen. But we stuck it through to the end and never gave up. I feel we learned a lot this year, lessons that will help us be a stronger team next year.”