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Rebels Weekend Wrap Feb 19th-23rd

February 26, 2020

Rebels Weekend Wrap Feb 19th-23rd

Feb 26th, 2020


As the season wrapped up for the most of the teams this past weekend, Volleyball teams played their final regular season games, Basketball teams travelled down to Cass Lake MN for the NIAC championships and Futsal took on USB Le Rouge!

Women’s Volleyball took on CMU Blazers as they would go down early 0-2 sets favoring the Blazers. 3rd year Outside Hitter from Moose horn Sara Meisner lead the Rebels with 11 kills and 15 digs in the game as the Rebels would force a 5th set but wouldn’t come out with the outcome they were looking for. Blazers won 3-2. Unfortunately the Rebels won’t be making the playoffs meaning they’re done for the season.


Men’s Volleyball also took on the Blazers on Friday night as part of their final regular season game. Rebels would go on to lose 3 sets to one 1 almost forcing a 5th set against them. Rebels are done for the season as they won’t make the playoffs this year.


Men’s Futsal had a strong showing on Thursday night as they go on to win the game 4-2 vs USB Le Rouge. Man of the Match goes to 2nd year Goal Keeper from Brazil Marcos Bremgartner saving 23 out of the 25 shots and 18 coming in the second half of the game. Goals coming from 2nd year forward from Brazil Eduardo Francisco, 3rd year defense from Vietam Minh Man Tran, 1st year Forward Thomas Patton and finally 1st year forward from St. Andrews Devin Racicot.


Women’s Futsal lost to the 1st seed USB Le Rouge with the final score of 6-2. Rebels had a slow start to the game plus short bench due to reading week as people were away on vacation! USB lead 5-0 at half time but the rebels refuse to quit and outscored them 2-1 in the season half. Goals coming from 2nd year Wing from River East Collegiate Kezia Balzer and 2nd year Wing from Glenlawn Miranda Isaacs.


Women’s Basketball Travelled down to Cass Lake MN for the NIAC Basketball Tournament. They took on FLBS first round of the tournament and would go on to win the game with the final score of 71-59 that would out them in Semi-Finals vs PUC Pilots a team they’ve beaten 2 out of the 3 times this season and the lead majority of the game but wouldn’t be able to outcome Pilots dominate 4th quarter losing 60-50. Player of the game was 4th year Guard from Selkirk Jodene Kowalchuk with 11 points and 14 rebounds. 1st year Guard Kyla Clarke, 4th year Forward Lacey Finnbogason and 4th year Guard Jodene Kowalchuk were named all-Conference all-stars.


Men’s Basketball was the 1st seed heading into the tournament and they went on to win it all!!!! Facing CMU Blazers first round and beating them by 29 points with the final score of 86-57 player of the game was 1st year Forward from Maples Collegiate Francesco Tocci lead the way with 19 points, 12 rebounds and 2 blocks. In the Semi-Finals the Rebels would take on the home team Leach Lake Lakers and would go on to beat them by 14 points with the score of 88-74 player of the game being 3rd year Guard from MBCI Torrez McKoy leading the way with 24 points, 10 rebounds and 6 assists! In the finals the Rebels would take on the number 2 seed SWC and they would hand them their 2nd loss of the season in the finals with the score of 92-81. Torrez McKoy would lead the way again with 34 points and 5 rebounds on 11/18 shooting from the field. Torrez McKoy was named the NIAC PLAYER OF THE YEAR! 1st year forward Francesco Tocci, 4th year Forward Mark Ridd were named all- Conference all-stars and 1st year forward Trezon Morcilla was honorable mention.


Futsal has their final game of the season on Friday Feb 28th as they travel down to Otterburne to take on PUC Pilots.