Rebels United

Our February Wellness Champion is Mark Montour

February 13, 2020

Congrats to Mark “Monty” Montour on being selected as our February Wellness Champion!

Mark is a first-year Rebels basketball athlete enrolled in the Social Innovation and Community Development program at Red River College (NDC). He plays an active role in the campus community – as a member of the 4R group and the RRRC. Despite his busy schedule, Mark demonstrates excellent time management skills and makes time to be active and to focus on his overall wellness. He participates in our drop-in ball hockey on Wednesdays and works out regularly at the Loft fitness centre. When he is not at school, Mark loves to go swimming with his sons.

“The biggest thing I did to contribute to my overall wellness was signing up for school,” says Mark. “I tried out for the basketball team and used it as the catalyst to quit smoking.” He also emphasizes the importance of mental health and that we need to strive to have fun and enjoy life. Mark says “There is no more important thing in overall wellness than laughing.”

When asked to share some tips for others, Mark had the following to say: “Just do it. Every journey starts with the first step. Find your motivation. Find a reason and focus on it. I find that I create relationships that help in creating a sense of community. Playing on a team will help force the issue of committing to it.”

Mark values the opportunity he was given to play basketball on the Rebels team and is thankful that students have free access to the campus weight room. He says that the environment at RRC has helped encourage good health and well-being for students.

If you’re ever lacking any motivation to get to the gym – Mark has the following encouragement for you:
“One thing I use for motivation is realizing that you have been blessed with the vessel that is your body. You only have one and you are going to have it for the rest of your life! Better take care of it!”