Rebels United

23 1/2 hours

January 15, 2020

by Mario De Negri, Rebels Rec Services Fitness Coordinator

Here is an interesting video I came across which speaks to me as I believe movement is medicine and should be taken daily. I think about movement as a pill and ask myself if I took it today or not. I often get caught up in the time it takes to move and why I can’t just swallow it and be done with it.

This video helps me understand that it is a pill that I must chew for 30 minutes, but doesn’t have to be chewed all at once. When I manage to take this pill before I take my cabinet of other medications that day I find I need to take less medications, and my health and quality of life is improved. Also when dealing with the emotional and mind energies which also can feel like they weight a ton, doing some movements before diving into them helps me to get a better perspective on things, handle challenging circumstances and still maintain my own personal wellbeing.

I don’t believe I can escape life’s challenges like the pain of my body, getting my bike stolen, or persistent thoughts of not being good enough, however I do believe those things will continue to happen while I am here, but when I take my pill of movement I have better skills to handle them when they come. Just keep moving no matter what comes up. Hope this video helps you along your journey.

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