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Getting Started: Theory to Practice

September 19, 2019

Getting started on anything is going to be a constant theme of life for anyone. Whether it’s getting started with a new year, getting started in a new career or even just getting started with our day. Getting started with anything seems to be good in theory but can be much more challenging in practice. The intentions we have to move through change and start on new routines are great until life takes over and creates challenges and barriers which can get us caught up.

One of the key things to keep in mind that with every new thing started it will be met with how our patterns in the past have been. It is unrealistic to expect that starting something will bring on success right away and not have set backs or old patterns present themselves. The process of change will bring up some of the very things you are wanting to change, so when they do it is an opportunity to notice that you are in a place of changing more so then in the times when you didn’t even notice those things come up.

One example of something difficult to change is time. We have only a limited amount of time in a day, and then to try to get involved in something like exercises, time will present itself as a challenge to get up and active. It is when you notice that you are trying to be active but time is causing the pressure of not being able to, it shows you that barrier, which will need to be overcome to continue on with what you truly want.

The Getting Started booklet is designed to help show you the different aspects of our lives that help to create a balanced and well-rounded person. All of these components will have their own barriers and challenges but the practices that are outlined are meant to be used as guides when those challenges present themselves.  It is only through the regular practice of these small changes, that over time the changes start to be felt. So in the example of time being the barrier, once you become active and have worked through that challenge of not having time you will start to find that while being active you find the time to do so but also your sense of time also starts to expand creating what some people have described as having more time. It is only through the process of doing that work that the outcomes are experienced. When we focus on the outcomes, more than the process we miss the point as well as usually fall back into old patterns.

Use this booklet as a guide to help get a better understanding of yourself, and to learn about where your challenges are and what tools you will need to work on to improve those aspects. There is no final goal, or end when it comes to self-development. It is a continual journey of practice which like all things with practice leads to improvement. Small frequent changes over time shows more reward, over large inconsistent bouts. Notice the dips and challenges and use those as learning opportunities to show you that you are still on the right track.