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Week 4 GMC Winner is Debbie Donato

March 4, 2019

For the entire month of February, Red River College staff and students are meeting the challenge of reaching 7,000 steps per day! This month long challenge encourages you to be active and reduce sedentary behavior in your life. Need more incentive? No problem! We have some great prizes lined up for participants. The more days you reach 7000 steps, the better the prizes! Think reaching 7000 steps in one day is too difficult? Think again…Here are some simple ways you can do it: Walking, running, sports, fitness class, have a walking meeting, working out, take the stairs, park further away, walking lunch hour…

Weekly Prizes

During the challenge, we encourage participants to send in a pic of you and/or your co-workers, fellow students, friends and family being active and achieving your daily 7,000 steps to along with a brief synopsis and be entered to win a weekly prize! Your pic may make the blog and inspire other participants to Get Movin!

Week 4 Prize Winner: Debbie Donato

From Debbie: ” After a busy day at the office, my walking buddy, Cooper, was more than happy to help me get my steps in – a total of 9514 for the day. With all the energy that this 110 lb pupper needs to burn off, he’s quite a reliable source of motivation to Get Movin’!”

If you have questions in regards to the challenge, please send an email to

Don’t forget to submit your GMC results before the March 5th deadline.