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January 28, 2019

For the entire month of February, Red River College staff and students are meeting the challenge of reaching 7,000 steps per day! This month long challenge encourages you to be active and reduce sedentary behavior in your life. Need more incentive? No problem!
We have some great prizes lined up for participants. The more days you reach 7000 steps, the better the prizes! Think reaching 7000 steps in one day is too difficult? Think again…Here are some simple ways you can do it: Walking, running, sports, fitness class, have a walking meeting, working out, take the stairs, park further away, walking lunch hour…

Join us in February 2019 to participate in the next challenge by signing up below! Fore more information on the challenge, please view below or email any questions to

Get Movin Challenge

Contact Information

Logging your Steps Each Day
All participants will be self-reporting, and at the end of February you will be invited to submit your results electronically on this page.

Free exercise bands are also available, on a first-come-first-serve basis, at the in-person sign up days!
Jan 29th at EDC atrium, Jan 30th library hallway at NDC. 11am-1pm

Counting Your Steps!
It’s easy! Use your smartphone, fitness band or a pedometer
Smart phone Apps Examples:
IPhone – Steps, Pacer, Pedometer
Android – S Health, Google Fit, Pedometer
BlackBerry – Casca/Sports Run Tracker Pro, Sports Tracker, Endomondo

Step Conversion Chart
Some activities do not allow for a pedometer to be used, or perhaps you would rather count your steps/exercise/activity without one. No problem. You can use the following Step Conversion Charts to mark your progress! Below are to separate but similar conversion charts, use whichever one that works best for you and get active!
Purdue University Activity Converter
Step Conversion Chart

There are three huge prize categories that can be entered depending on how many days you achieve 7,000 steps! The more days you achieve your goal, the better the prizes. All participants will be self-reporting.

Incentives/Prize Structure: Participants will gain entry into each prize category if they complete a specific minimum number of days in which they achieve 7,000 steps per day. There will be 3 prize levels:
Here are some the prizes for this year’s challenge, check back often as more prizes are added to the list. (prizes subject to chance)

Bronze Level: 10 days completed: Rebels Gear, Fitness Class Pass, Utility Wagon

Silver Level: 15 days completed: GC for the Real Escape Canada, GC for Bad Axe Throwing

Gold Level: 20 days competed: CCM Bike, Family Membership to Fort Whyte Alive

Example on how prize leveling work: If Jill reaches 7,000 steps in 21 days, she is entered once in each level draw. If Joe reaches 7,000 in 17 days, he is entered once into the Bronze and Silver levels.

The Draw
After the results are collected, a draw will be held March 7th 12-1pm in the Cave to determine the various prize winners, you do not have to be at the draw to win a prize.

Weekly Prizes
Send in a pic of you and/or your co-workers, fellow students, friends and family being active and achieving your daily 7,000 steps to along with a brief synopsis and be entered to win a weekly prize! Your pic may make the blog and inspire other participants to Get Movin!

Weekly Prizes: Rebels gear, GC for Ciniplex, Free Fitness Pass