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Rebels United

Sign Up for our Annual Floor Hockey Tournament!

October 19, 2018

Looking for some fun, physical activity and the chance to make new friends?  These one day co-ed recreational events are great way to meet new people, exercise, and have fun!
Sign up by yourself, with a friend or get a group of friends together and make a team to try and win one of the coveted Intramural Champion T-Shirts. Open to all RRC Staff, Students, Alumni and Community members.

Fall Term Events

November 3rd: Floor Hockey Challenge
$30 per team $5 for Free agent
Grab some buds, find your fav hockey sweaters and sign up for day of passes, saves and cellies! Join us for a full day of floor hockey in the North Gym where you compete for the all important champions tshirt! This is Open tournament, and persons from RRC and the community can participate.
Floor Hockey Rules-1dfqjw6

To sign up fill out the following form and take to student services for payment. Deadline to register is One (1) week prior to event. 2018-19 Intramurals and Special Events List-1yzi5z8