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Gluten Sensitivity: Symptoms and Signs

April 10, 2017

Here it is the magic buzz word of today’s diet fads of what to eat and not to eat. But is it Gluten freereally a fad? Maybe people have heard of gluten free diets and many people are opting to not have gluten in their diet but why? How do I know if I even have gluten intolerance? There’s not a simple answer as it can be a hidden thing in our lives.

It’s estimated about 18 million Americans have non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Working with your Doctor to run some test or asking questions as to what to be looking for or why you might think you have it. Strange things that might seem unrelated could lead you to some resolution like feeling things like depression, extreme fatigue or ADHD to name a few. Here is a link to follow with some signs and symptoms that you might not be aware of that have some ties to gluten.

Just because you share some of these symptoms it might not necessarily mean you have gluten sensitivity however if you feel you are struggling with some things that don’t seem to bring answers here is something you can try and changing some of your diet might help.

When dealing with our bodies we must treat it as a whole unit. It doesn’t operate as a part unit but as one whole being. Therefore things like diet, movement, thinking, environment all have a part to play in the whole experience of being human. We must be gentle and patient when problem solving such complicated issues we might be feeling. One step at a time, and take things slowly. It might seem like coming up with road block after road block however every step you take forward is one less step you need to figure out if that was bringing you closer to a solution.

What’s nice about watching the diet and what and how we eat we can see things in foods we never knew were there before as well as it’s a noninvasive way to do some self-examination to see how does the body respond to what you eat. A simple change of diet can change the world around you, however like most of us we don’t want to give up what we have right now no matter how poorly we feel about the situation. Although changing a diet, especially in a consumption based world, is difficult it could be the difference to a brighter, healthier you.

It’s ok if it doesn’t work right away but having to give it a fair run is important to have a conclusive understanding to how your body works with what you feed it. If nothing changes, then you can be at rest that you tried something to see what it does. That’s the best we can do in an experience based reality.

Mario De Negri

Fitness Coordinator for Rebels Rec Services