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How Sweet It Is

April 3, 2017

I’ve had it on my mind how to be a better person. I look at myself and see a bit of a tummy, sometimes I’m more tired then I’d like to be or something as simple as what I’m eating url-1would be a healthy change. Just trying to get rid of sugar was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I never realized how much sugar was in everything. This isn’t an understatement. Sugar is in my opinion the number one drug of today’s world. It is so integrated into our lives we deny it even exists and that we have a problem. Now we are seeing the byproduct of this highly addictive substance through disease, illness and this need to get our fix on a daily basis. It’s like our days can’t begin without a dose in our morning coffee or cereals. There are so many foods that have sugar it’s almost impossible to get away from.

So what could I do? I just choose to make some small changes. One step to try is to avoid foods with sugar or other sugar names in the title like double double, frosted flakes, etc. Reading the label and if you see a form of sugar as one of the first three or four ingredients is a good clue of something to avoid. The more you start to read what’s in the food the more you’ll see how much sugar has been in your diet without even knowing. You’ll find all the different names used for sugar as well like high fructose corn syrup, glucose/fructose, and sucrose to name a few.images-1

Be aware that products are there to sell and even health foods will add secret ingredients to help push them off the shelf. Items like salad dressings, condiments, yogurts, breads, sauces and granola bars are all loaded with that sweet stuff. So it’s not just our desserts or cookies that have sugar but it’s in almost all of our food as an added ingredient.

Other options are to reduce the intake. Have smaller portions or servings when loading up the plate. When we go out to eat we confuse quality with quantity. Getting super-sized items for more value or trying to get that feeling of full. All that energy has to go somewhere and when we put it in our bodies, it’s our bodies that have to deal with it. In general eating more real whole foods is a safer way to go.

Another healthier tip would be if you leave it on the counter and it spoils in a week it’s probably a good thing to eat. If you find something in the back of the cupboard months later it’s probably best to discard it and not buy it again. The trick is we will never fully escape all the sugar out there but if we can just be a bit more mindful as to what we are doing with our bodies, be willing to say no to certain items and give time enough to start to feel the change in ourselves to a better feeling of experience we won’t miss those items as much and the change won’t be as hard.

Being patent and gentle on ourselves is just as much a part of trying to be the lifestyle change as much as what we deem to be the problem we want to change. Here’s a link to help identify the secret names of sugar and to help get a better understanding on what’s being packed in your lunch.

Mario DeNegri

Fitness Coordinator at RRC