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Triple Threat Workout: The Final Installment of the Rebels Rec Home Workout Series

February 27, 2017

Got the post holiday blues? Hate getting into a cold car to head to your fitness centre?  Too cold to go outside to be active?  If you answered yes to any of these questions then Rebels Rec may have the solution for you.   We asked each of our fantastic fitness instructors to provide an exercise routine that anyone can do by themselves in the gym or at home. The final installment in our home workout series is from Lesley:


Lesley Timms is an energetic and dynamic fitness instructor with 14 years’ experience in leading cycle and group fitness classes. Her training and career in group fitness classes started in Toronto where she certified in Keiser Power Pacing program (cycle or spin classes). Weight classes are also a passion, she certified in a body training program consisting of a combination of step and weight class. She is now a certified Barre instructor as well. She has helped hundreds of people change into a healthier lifestyle.

Lesley’s Triple Threat Workout:

Lesley has put together three separate workouts, each from a class that she teaches here at the college. Each workout is great by itself, but feel free to add the workouts together for more of a challenge!

Spin Class Workout

Equipment needed: exercise or spin bike.

When riding a stationary bike the key is to work with intervals. Make a playlist-it helps keep you moving!

  • Warm-Up: start with a catchy, fast song to get you motivated.
  • Hills: slower pace with the tension turned up on your spin bike. This is great for fat burning.
  • Sprints: Faster pace song with at least 3 30 second sprints.
  • Flat Road: Keeping the same pace throughout the song. Adding in a little tension to the wheel.
  • Standing Climbs: Standing out of your seat while pedaling, be sure to have enough tension on the wheel to control your movement.

Mix and match these five different spin styles throughout your session. Two songs of each will give you roughly a 30 min workout! Three songs each will push you to 45! Whatever you feel that day, it’s your challenge! Remember, you are in charge of the bike, not the other way around! Even riding a bike for 10 minutes is a terrific warm-up for our next two work outs.

Dynamic Core Workout

Equipment: light to heavy dumbbells or resistance bands.

Warm-up. Run some laps, or jog in the spot or ride a bike for 5 minutes followed by 30 jumping jacks.

For each exercise, do 3 sets of either 12,15 or 20 reps.

  • First Group: Walking lunges, side lunges, and deadlifts with weights.
  • Second Group: Bi-cep curls, Standing Abs Punches, Push-ups
  • Third Group: Lunges forward and back(both legs), Shoulder raises, Chess Fly’s
  • Fourth Group: Crunches, Leg Lift, Plank
  • Final Group: Finish with 30 sec each of- jumping jacks, squats, jump rope, and burpee’s

Metabolic Resistance Training

Equipment: light to heavy dumbbells or resistance bands. Skipping rope.

30 Seconds of each exercise with a 15 sec. break after each exercise.

3-5 sets each of 3-4 different exercise’s

Warm-up. Run some laps, or jog in the spot or ride a bike for 5 minutes followed by 30 jumping jacks.

  • First group: Skip, Plank, Push-ups then run 2 laps/jog on the spot for 30 sec
  • Second group: Mountain climbers, superman poses, crunches then run 2 laps/jog on the spot for 30 sec
  • Third group: Burpee’s, wall squats, bi-cep curls, bike crunches and then finish with 1 min of skipping.

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