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Zera Lynn Panesa Named MCAC Wbball MVP. Kutchy and Wilner added to All Star Teams

February 10, 2017

MCAC Women’s Basketball All-Conference Team 2016-17


Brita Enns Kutchy

Brita Enns Kutchy – Red River College

Courtney Engel – Providence University College

Sarah Townsend – Canadian Mennonite University

Cassie Wiebe – Canadian Mennonite University



Zera Lynn Panesa

Zera Lynn Panesa

2016-17 Most Valuable Player Zera Lynn Panesa – Red River College




MCAC Men’s Basketball All-Conference Team 2016-17

Jon Wilner

Jon Wilner

Jon Wilner – Red River College

Sam Kinsley – Canadian Mennonite University

Ridel Ebero – Canadian Mennonite University

Richard Rodgers – Providence University College

2016-17 Most Valuable Player Romeo KC – Providence University College