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Anika Gray joins Women’s Volleyball

May 20, 2016

Rebels Women’s Volleyball is excited to welcome Anika Gray to the team.

UnknownAnika is a high school senior and will graduate in June with distinction and honors from Killarney Collegiate. Anika started her love of volleyball when she moved to Killarney, Manitoba at age 11. She continued this passion for volleyball all the way through her school years. As a result, Anika has had the opportunity to participate in five provincial gold medal games. Over the course of her participation, she and her team have collected one second place and four consecutive first places. In her grade 10 year, she further gained the honor of receiving a provincial all-star award. Outside of school, she has worked her way through many club seasons as well, getting a bronze medal last year in division two, tier one. She has currently completed her final club season as a Killarney Raider. When not on the court, you can find her running with her track and field team. Anika is looking forward to playing for Red River College come September and starting her path in the Business Administration Program.