Basic Classroom Skills for Limited Teaching Permit Holders

Red River College Polytechnic, in collaboration with the Manitoba Association of School Superintendents and supported by the Government of Manitoba, is providing condensed training in Basic Classroom Skills for Limited Teaching Permit Holders for individuals newly hired by school divisions to help facilitate effective entry into classrooms during the pandemic.

The 30-hour, tuition-free and instructor-led online training starts in January. In addition, a three-hour, self-paced online course must be completed prior to the start of the training to review the skills required for successful learning in online environments.

Training Information

Teacher in front of her classThis training focuses on providing short-term, entry level, basic classroom skills training to candidates hired by school divisions to serve in the role of classroom teachers.

Training is being offered to meet the immediate need of hiring individuals to help fill K-12 classroom shortages, playing an important part in the outbreak response.

Sections are currently offered beginning January 25, 2021.

Delivery will be available in both English and French, through daytime and evening classes and in a combined synchronous/asynchronous format.

Topics and Outcomes

The five-day training covers the topics and outcomes presented below. Time commitments for each day are also provided.


This training is provided to individuals possessing at least one of the following:

  • Early Childhood Educator training
  • Educational Assistant training
  • an Undergraduate degree

In addition, applicants must be over the age of 18, possess a minimum of a grade 12 education and meet the minimum required Canadian Language Benchmark level of 8 in all skills.

Each available job may require additional qualifications to be met.


School divisions will hire candidates through their standard processes and will refer them to RRC Polytech for the tuition-free training.

For more details about the jobs currently available, visit the Manitoba School Boards Association (MSBA) website.


Interested individuals must apply directly to school division job postings listed on the MSBA website and select their preferred location.

Check Job Postings With MSBA

Additional Information

Questions about the training can be directed to Red River College Polytechnic by calling 204.694.1789 or emailing