Full-Time Fast-Track Programs

Earn a Certificate or Advanced Diploma in as Little as Three Months!

Choose from a number of our full-time, industry-recognized certificate and advanced diploma programs that deliver the quality, hands-on training you’ll need to succeed in your career.

List of Programs

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Program Duration* Locations** Action
Administrative Assistant 18 weeks Winnipeg (NDC), Portage, Selkirk / Peguis, Steinbach, Winkler APPLY
Educational Assistant 6 months Winnipeg (NDC), Portage, Selkirk / Peguis, Steinbach, Winkler APPLY
Health Unit Clerk 4 months Winnipeg (NDC), Portage, Selkirk / Peguis APPLY
International Business 12 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Medical Device Reprocessing Technician 4 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Occupational Health & Safety 8 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Power Engineering – 5th Class 17 weeks Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Professional Photography 8 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Residential Decorating 5 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY
Therapeutic Recreation Facilitator for Older Adults 9 months Winnipeg (NDC) APPLY

* Does not account for any practicums.

** NDC = Notre Dame Campus.

Why Take a Full-Time Fast-Track Program With RRC?

Reach Your Career Goals Faster

Full-time trades programsComplete a full-time program in the same amount of time that it takes to finish a part-time program and be work-ready sooner.

Select From Several Programs

Fast-Track trades programsWith programs being offered in disciplines including business, education, health, trades and creative, Red River College’s Full-Time Fast-Track Programs offer something that’s right for you.

Develop New Skills

Full-time IT programsAcquire knowledge and hands-on experience in your chosen field. Invest in our professional development options and create new and exciting opportunities for your career.

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