Team up your ride to save money and reduce stress with these helpful options.


Red River College is pleased to offer GoManitoba to help staff and students find carpool partners and team up with people who want to share a sustainable commute to work or school.

GoManitoba is a province-wide commuting tool that matches you with carpool partners who live and work near you. The system also gives you transit options, walking and cycling routes, and matches you with commuting buddies. This service is available for staff, students, and faculty at Red River College, regardless of what campus you attend. As an official sub-site, Red River College students and staff have the option of matching with everyone on the GoManitoba site, or you can choose to limit your search to College-specific users.

** Use your Red River College ( email address to ensure you get connected with your peers at RRC.

Remember, you don’t have to give up your car completely. Why not try an alternate commute option once or twice a week to start? Find a mode of transportation that suits your needs and lifestyle!

If you receive an invitation to ride-share, it’s up to you to respond to determine compatibility and share your contact information – it’s your choice. For more info on this, read the Privacy Statement and Terms and Conditions.

“Top of the Lot” for Student Carpoolers

NDC students “teaming up” to carpool

We’re happy to offer prime, “Top of the Lot” parking for two or more students who form registered carpool groups at the Notre Dame Campus. Dedicated student carpool stalls are located in 3 West (view parking map here). Additional carpool spaces are added based on demand.

Carpooling guidelines

  • At least one of the group members must have a valid student power permit.
  • Each carpooling group must include at least two students.
  • At least two vehicles must be registered.
  • It is the group’s responsibility to ensure the carpool permit is displayed properly at all times while on campus (read the back of the permit for acceptable placement).
  • To receive “Top of the Lot” parking, student groups must register their carpool group with Parking Services to receive their carpool permit.

Need help finding a carpool partner? Check out GoManitoba. There you can get connect with carpool partners travelling to RRC or nearby!

Ridematching Tips

Carpool partners. Teamed up and ready to go!

After you’ve found a carpool partner, either through GoManitoba or some other means, use this checklist as a guide with your new carpool match(es) to increase the likelihood of safety and success for everyone involved.

And now, a word from our lawyer. “The following is not necessarily an exhaustive list and should be used for guidance only. Red River College makes no warranties as to the appropriateness and completeness of the following for any particular user, and shall have no liability for users’ reliance upon same.”

Building trust with your carpool partner

  • Get your carpool partner’s full name and contact information
  • Exchange and check personal references
  • Hold your initial meeting in a public place
  • Exchange driver information including driver license #, license plate #, and insurance information.

* Remember, it’s important to listen to your inner voice. If something doesn’t quite feel ‘right’ with your carpool match, you’re under no obligation to continue the arrangement. Carpooling is supposed to relieve stress, not add to it!

Locations and Times

  • Confirm pickup and drop-off times and locations with each passenger
  • Confirm the route you’re taking and the drop-off stops along the way (if you have multiple passengers/ multiple locations)
  • Confirm which days each person is carpooling and who is responsible for driving on what days. Try to establish a firm schedule to avoid misunderstanding or confusion
  • Discuss how to handle occasional lateness and receive confirmation from the group that the driver is going to wait a predetermined number of minutes before leaving
  • Discuss what constitutes chronic lateness and how to handle it

In-Car Preferences

  • Discuss preferences for behaviour in the car, keeping in mind that the driver has the final say. Topics include: cell phone use, fragrances and allergies, eating and drinking, smoking before and during the ride, music or news radio or silence, air or windows, making unscheduled stops.
  • Be open to changing up your personal habits to make the carpool more enjoyable for everyone.

Communication, Roles, Backup Plans

  • Exchange cell numbers and email addresses for easy communication. Consider starting a group text for your entire carpool
  • Determine how much notice is needed in the event of a change of plans- remember to give your group a heads up about vacation plans and whether alternate arrangements are needed
  • Discuss if carpool confirmation is needed the day before, or whether it’s assumed that everyone is participating
  • Exchange emergency contact information

Sharing Commuting Costs

  • Discuss how to share commuting costs. Things to consider include: gas, parking, maintenance.
  • Decide how and when the costs will be reconciled and stick to a payment schedule

For Drivers

  • Ensure you follow the rules of the road – no speeding, texting etc.
  • Keep the vehicle tidy and in good maintenance at all times

For Passengers

  • Respect the vehicle at all times, ensure you’re dry, clean and wipe your feet if needed before entering
  • For front seat passengers, ensure your seat placement is respectful to the passenger behind you

Creating and keeping a successful carpool partnership

  • Consider a trial period before committing
  • Be patient – it takes time to establish a new routine
  • Discuss any concerns you have as they arise in a respectful and honest manner