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What do you know about first-year RRC International and Immigrant students?

June 11, 2013


RRC staff and students at the Cultural Language Mentorship appreciation party

Every year, Red River College invites first-year, full-time students to participate in the Paths to Success initiative. Now in its eighth year, the initiative engages over 1,750 students each year from over 55 programs across the college.  This post will look at some characteristics of International and Immigrant students who participated in the initiative during the 2012/13 academic year. These statistics are not “official” numbers as they are based on self-reported information from Paths and do not account for all students.

Just over one in five students who participated in Paths to Success are International or Immigrant students

Among the 1,767 students who participated in Paths last year, just over one in five was an Immigrant student (12%) or an International / Visa student (10%).  These numbers vary considerably by program, reflecting differences in the types of previous education and experience that those students have compared to Canadian born students. It also reflects  the College’s policy to target marketing / recruitment of some programs toward International students and limit access to some programs to Manitoba residents only (such as the Nursing program and many pre-employment trades programs which have waiting lists).

International and Immigrant Paths

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