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SEI/C Most Engaged Program Pizza

October 2, 2017

Last spring, the first ever, “Most Engaged Program” Cup and Plaque were awarded to Library and Information Technology and Apprenticeship Carpentry. (For more information about the cup and plaque, click here.) To get the new term off to a good start, the winners, as well as representatives from the honourable mentions, were invited to a pizza lunch.

When you bring a group of enthusiastic instructors together, it’s not long before informal discussions came back to the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C). Read More →

Most Engaged Program Cup

February 28, 2017

The program with the highest participation in the online Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C) will earn the most Engaged Program Cup.

Systematic student feedback about their courses and instructors provides a critical feedback mechanism to help programs improve the experience for students. Indeed, for some programs this feedback is a required submission item to accreditors. Up until 2013, students in a fraction of all courses were asked to complete a paper based in-class instrument. The logistics of distributing the questionnaires as well as the processing costs, made expansion prohibitively expensive. In 2013, SAC approved a plan to replace the paper based approach with an in-class online process and the system was implemented by November 2014 for all courses which ended by December of that year. Based on the experience at other institutions, it had been assumed the student participation would be somewhat lower than the paper process but satisfactory enough to warrant the expansion. However, it quickly became apparent, that the response rate was well below expectations. A number of communications measures were implemented with limited success.

It turned out we were not alone in having this challenge. In environmental scans of other institutions, one element stood out – participation increased if students perceived that their feedback was valued and would be acted on.


We want to build on this positive experience by establishing a trophy, “RRC Most Engaged Program Cup”, for the program with the highest online participation across all their courses. The winners will be able to display it for the year.

The annual winner would be announced at Red Forum – a high profile acknowledgement in front of peers.

All full-time programs with at least five courses in a year and that use the online course evaluation system will be eligible. Red River programs come in many shapes and sizes. The number of courses in a program varies as does the number of students in a course. To equalize across these factors, we took all them all into account to develop a combined rating. We will offer the program a framed photograph of the winning team as a permanent memento.

For further information, please contact Ashley Blackman

Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course

February 24, 2015

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C)?

The SEI/C is designed to help provide feedback to educators and ultimately improve the student experience. It will help us to continue building on our strengths.

Why is the College evaluating all courses?

The key thing going forward to ensure that the surveys provide valuable information to instructors and programs. By expanding the scope, there’s a better chance that we’ll have a more complete picture of what students think about the classes they’re taking.

Why did the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course change from the previous method?

Previously SEI/C was done with a paper survey and only select instructors/courses were surveyed. As a result only a fraction of all courses could be done. This often meant the same instructors and courses were surveyed every year.

Why is it online? Read More →