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What Manitobans and Private Sector Organizations think about Red River College

February 20, 2013

What is it reputation?

Reputation is a measure of the beliefs, opinions and impressions that one generally has about something.  In the case of Red River College, reputation can be based on many things:

  • one’s experience as a student, or as the parent or friend of a student at the College;
  • hiring or working alongside RRC graduates;
  • advertisements, such as the billboards found around the city that celebrate College alumni; and,
  • what one reads in the newspaper or discusses in casual conversation.

Why is it important? 

Having a strong reputation is important for a number of reasons. Most importantly, it can influence the decisions of potential students as they weigh out their post-secondary options. Similarly, it affects which staff and instructors the college is able to hire, in its quest to build a strong and competitive workforce and be an employer of choice.  Finally, it can affect the views of our stakeholders – including industry and employers, government, and the general public – and how they work with us.

How do we measure reputation?

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