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SEI/C Most Engaged Program Pizza

October 2, 2017

Last spring, the first ever, “Most Engaged Program” Cup and Plaque were awarded to Library and Information Technology and Apprenticeship Carpentry. (For more information about the cup and plaque, click here.) To get the new term off to a good start, the winners, as well as representatives from the honourable mentions, were invited to a pizza lunch.

When you bring a group of enthusiastic instructors together, it’s not long before informal discussions came back to the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course (SEI/C).

Between mouthfuls of pizza, staff discussed their respective secret sauce for encouraging students to participate. Knowing that student feedback is important, the winning programs offered a number of suggestions. Here are some highlights:

  • The response rate is best when students complete the survey in class. Time and time again, the way to prevent the temptation of procrastination from wafting into the air, is to do it now – as in this class today.
  • Students need to know that their feedback is being used. It helps when chairs and/or instructors can point to changes in the program as a result of the feedback they have received.
  • Mention the SEI/C early and often. Instructors would periodically remind students that the survey provides an opportunity to provide feedback and pass along their suggestions.
  • Some programs have made the link to the SEI/C within their LEARN course. This year, all students will see a box that will indicate when there are evaluations to be completed.
  • Mention the importance of the survey of helping future students. This helps students who are less concerned with improvements since they are unlikely to take the course again.

Library & Information Technology

(L – R) Can Li, Kelly Stifora, Tabitha Nordby, Brian Rountree, Christine E. Watson, VP, Academic

Apprenticeship Carpentry

Back Row (L – R): Dave McCutcheon, Wilf McPherson, Eric Richardson, Rob Masi, Scott Savoy, Vern Bergen, Jamie Cole, Jeff Martens, Eric Swanson, Aubrey Doerksen   Front row (L – R): Don Moulden, Christine Watson, Brent Sharp, Ray Trump, Dean Shurvell, Guy Poirier, Brian Gebhardt

Pizza Lunch and Learn:

Perhaps you can find some ideas on how to help your students see the importance of completing the Student Evaluation of Instruction/Course. Who knows, maybe your program could be on the winners podium next year.