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Airport Pickup Service Takes Off

August 22, 2013


Red River College has piloted an Airport Pickup Service for international students arriving in Winnipeg for their first semester of study.

Launched in August, the service is made possible by volunteers from RRC’s staff and faculty. (Click here for more information on how to become a volunteer ambassador.)

Requests for pickup must be made at least one week in advance of a student’s arrival in Winnipeg; flight information also has to be confirmed a week prior. RRC International Education staff will email to confirm pickup details within two business days. Requests made without a week’s prior notice will not be accepted.

Instructions and other information:

  • Please note airport pickups will not be arranged until a student’s visa has been approved. Flight itineraries are to be forwarded to RRC International Education upon receipt.
  • Students must already have accommodation arrangements in place before requesting a pickup.
  • Pickup service is only available from 8am – 11pm, Winnipeg time. Any pickup requests outside of these hours will include a pickup fee.

To request a pickup, please complete the this form and submit it to

Click here for more information about the Airport Pickup Service.