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A message about this weekend’s protests from our Interim President & CEO

June 1, 2020

To all Red River College staff and students,

Like many of you, we watched this weekend as protests swept across our neighbours to the south and erupted in Montreal and Toronto.

Diversity, equity and inclusivity are Red River College’s heart and soul. They are values we celebrate, hold dear, and continually aspire to. It is important we acknowledge that we still have much work ahead of us to ensure all our faculty, staff and students truly feel safe, respected and equal.

As individuals and as members of our College community, we have a responsibility to support one another, stand up for our values, and work towards reconciliation. It is important we stand together in solidarity with those seeking equality, even when we are hurting the most.

In the midst of all the challenges we’ve faced over the past several months, this weekend’s horror, heartbreak, fear and anger feel especially overwhelming.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, know that you are not alone. Support is available if you need help coping with overwhelming feelings brought on by recent events.

Students can access counselling services by phone or video conference – you can also call the Mobile Crisis Service at 204.940.1781, or the 24/7 Klinic Crisis Line at 204.786.8686 for immediate support. To connect with our Indigenous Supports, visit Indigenous Education. To connect with International Student supports, visit International Education.

RRC staff can connect with mental health support via the Employee Family Assistance Program at 1-800-663-1142 or at

If you would like to share ideas or ask questions about our diversity programs and initiatives, please contact Priyanji Mediwake, Diversity and Inclusion Specialist at or 204-632-2004, or contact Carla Kematch, Truth and Reconciliation Manager, at or 204-632-2148.

Take care of yourselves and each other,


Christine E. Watson. PhD  | Interim President and CEO
Red River College of Applied Arts, Science and Technology