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Off campus incident – EDC

October 17, 2018

The College is immediately undertaking measures to increase security at our Exchange District Campus (EDC) after an incident last night where one of our faculty members was hurt during an assault off campus in the area.

We are grateful our instructor is recovering in hospital and we have been in regular contact with his family during this time. We will continue to focus on his well-being and offer all the support we can to our instructor and his family. We are also working with Winnipeg Police Services, who are investigating the incident.

The safety of our staff, faculty and students is our top priority. As a result, the College is taking several immediate measures to increase security.

Effective today, we are extending the hours of security to ensure coverage until 11 p.m. at ACE Space on McDermot (in addition to the 24/7 coverage provided at the Roblin Centre and PGI), and adding a dedicated mobile street patrol unit from 4 p.m. to midnight daily for our facilities in the Exchange District.

These increased security measures will take effect this afternoon. RRC Security and the College’s Safety and Health Services units will also undertake an in-depth review of the incident and our security procedures to determine if additional measures are needed.

I appreciate many of you are anxious for more details about the well-being of one of our friends and colleagues and we will provide an update when more information is available. I can share with you that the incident happened last night when our instructor was walking off-campus on his way to catch the bus after his evening classes.

This is why it is extremely important for us to increase our mobile security presence around EDC and make sure our staff and students are using our Safe Walk Program when they are leaving campus and walking to their transportation. There are Safe Walk phones on campus available for use, or please call the following security numbers for mobile security services:

  • EDC – 204-949-8305
  • PGI – 204-631-3381
  • NDC – 204-632-2323

I would also encourage all staff and students to download our mobile safety app, which includes a direct link to our Safe Walk services. Please visit for more information.

This is an extremely upsetting incident and if you require counselling services, please don’t hesitate to access our employee support program (EFAP) at 1-877-207-8833 or RRC Counselling Services who can provide further resources and support.

Paul Vogt

Paul Vogt
President & CEO, Red River College