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International students ‘dig’ language learning at RRC’s Summer Institute

August 9, 2017

Red River College’s Language Training Centre Summer Institute celebrates five years of providing cultural and educational experience for international students.

For immediate release: August 8, 2017

Today, more than 30 international students attending Red River College’s (RRC) Language Training Centre’s Summer Institute put their language training into practice, and got a taste of Manitoba’s passion for sport at the 2017 Canada Summer Games women’s volleyball prairie match between Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

The students and instructors are visiting Winnipeg between July 31 – August 11 from the Shenyang Institute of Engineering in Liaoning, China, and the Shaanxi Polytechnic Institute in Shaanxi, China to enhance and gain confidence using their English language skills.

“We are pleased to once again welcome international students and instructors to Red River College’s Summer Institute for the fifth year – most of whom are visiting Canada for the first time,” said Paul Vogt, President and CEO of RRC and member of the 2017 Canada Summer Games Board of Directors. “This program is essential to our continued work building relationships with educational institutions overseas and showcasing the bright future Red River College and the province of Manitoba can offer future international students.”

The focus of the Summer Institute is to balance fun and interactive classroom sessions at RRC with outings to some of the city’s most popular attractions, while helping students build confidence by using English in the classroom and in everyday situations. Since arriving in Winnipeg, students have enjoyed site visits to RRC’s three campuses in Winnipeg, and enjoyed learning excursions to CF Polo Park, Assiniboine Park, the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, the Canada Summer Games, and Winnipeg’s Folklorama.

The Shenyang Institute of Engineering is one of RRC’s longest standing partnerships – dating back 30 years. Nearly a decade ago, the two institutions signed a cooperative agreement to establish a joint-diploma program, where students pursuing careers in the fields of electrical engineering, power engineering or hospitality management are given the opportunity to complete the final year of their studies at Red River College. The Summer Institute came to fruition to allow students to experience and familiarize themselves with the language and culture before moving to Manitoba to pursue their studies.

“We are proud to celebrate five successful years of the Summer Institute, and to promote the Language Training Centre as one of the premier language training facilities in Canada,” said Vogt. “Each year we hear students return home and share their positive experience with classmates and instructors, and this encourages even more participation. We will continue to work with our international academic partners around the world to welcome prospective students to Red River College.”