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Red River College Creates New Executive Director of Indigenous Strategy

March 15, 2017

Action a Key Response to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission Report: President

Red River College today announced the creation of a new executive director, Indigenous strategy to provide leadership on advancing Indigenous education at the College, which will include expanding programs and supports for Indigenous students and building new partnerships with Indigenous leaders and the community.

“Advance Indigenous Achievement” is one of the top priorities in RRC’s Strategic Plan (2016-2021) as well as a key goal of the Academic Division, which is committed to enhancing “the environment supporting Indigenous student success.” RRC is also a signatory to the Manitoba Indigenous Education Blueprint (2016) – one of nine post-secondary institutions in the Province – following the final report of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada.

“The TRC report is clear – Indigenous Canadians need access to post-secondary education and supports while in school if we are to close the income and employment gap in our country,” said Paul Vogt, RRC’s president. “One of the specific calls to action is to establish senior level positions in order to elevate the priority of Indigenous programming and forge new pathways to success. Today’s announcement is a major step in this direction.”

Christine Watson, RRC’s vice-president Academic, said the new executive director, Indigenous strategy will play a key role in helping RRC meet its strategic and academic goals. The new ED will work with and provide advice to all deans, academic divisions, and student support services, as well as lead on enhancing relationships with the Indigenous community and the College’s recently-formed Indigenous Achievement Strategic Council.

The overall goal will be to improve and expand the College’s academic programming and supports for Indigenous students – building on recent recommendations from College staff and faculty during consultations on the Strategic Plan and through such forums as RRC’s Open Café, Watson said.

“RRC has a significant and growing Indigenous student body and it is important that we are proactive in taking steps to ensure student success, to address historic barriers and to fill gaps that have been identified,” Watson said. “We are fortunate to have our Elders in Residence and an incredibly engaged, dedicated and experienced staff and faculty group who will provide leadership and a strong foundation for enhancing Indigenous education as we move forward.”

Click here to view the position description for the executive director, Indigenous strategy.