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Statement from Red River College regarding Jackie Healey’s Statement of Claim

August 3, 2016

For Immediate Release: August 3, 2016

WINNIPEG, MB – Red River College has been notified that a Statement of Claim was filed on behalf of Jackie Healey regarding the assault that occurred at the Behavioural Health Foundation in Selkirk, Manitoba.

As a leader in post-secondary education, Red River College is committed to ensuring that our students are safe and secure in all educational settings. We are investigating this incident thoroughly to determine what occurred and what improvements can be made.

Dr. Linda Burnside, PhD, is leading the investigation and review, and we anticipate that her work will be concluded prior to the start of the academic year.

Red River College remains committed to supporting Ms. Healey throughout her recovery and in her educational pursuits.

As this matter is now before the courts, Red River College will refrain from making any further comments related to this incident.