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Investigation begins into the assault on Red River College student Jackie Healey

June 15, 2016

Following the May 29th attack that left Red River College student Jackie Healey and a worker at the Behavioural Health Foundation in Selkirk severely injured, Red River College has hired Dr. Linda Burnside, PhD to conduct an investigation into the incident and to review current policies and procedures related to workplace practicums for the College’s Child and Youth Care Diploma program.

Dr. Burnside has extensive experience in the social services field in a variety of direct service delivery, managerial, and administrative roles in both non-profit and government sectors, with a particular emphasis on practice in the child and family services system.  Additionally, she is well versed in post-secondary practices, working as a sessional instructor with students studying social work and counselling at the University of Manitoba since 1995. 

She has extensive experience in conducting systemic and case-specific reviews regarding complex cases or serious incidents involving children in care.  She has conducted research and published numerous reports, articles and book chapters on issues facing children and families involved with the child welfare system. 

“This investigation needs to be timely and we need it to be thorough,” said Paul Vogt, president and CEO, Red River College. “There are specific questions to be answered and where improvements are identified during the course of the investigation, we will implement them immediately. The safety and security of all of our students remains our top priority.”

The work will commence this week and will focus on investigating the incident, as well as conducting a review and analysis of Red River College’s processes for student and faculty practicum preparedness, and processes for selection of practicum placement sites. Final recommendations for process and other improvements will be provided once the investigation is complete.

“This was a tragic and horrific event and I want to again express our support for Jackie and her family during her time of recovery,” said Vogt. “She’s a resilient, courageous and caring young woman, and we will continue to support her during her recovery and will assist her in continuing her studies in any program at Red River College.”

The investigation and review will be completed by mid-August before the start of the new academic year.