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Red River College to launch investigation into the assault of RRC student Jackie Healey

June 1, 2016

For immediate release: June 1, 2016

WINNIPEG, MB – In light of the tragic events that occurred on Sunday, May 29, 2016 resulting in the assault of an RRC student and a worker at the Behavioural Health Foundation in Selkirk, Manitoba, Red River College is hiring an external investigator to launch an investigation into all circumstances surrounding the incident.

“Our thoughts and prayers are with Jackie and her family, and the worker who was with her, during this very challenging time,” said Paul Vogt, president and ceo, Red River College. “Our primary focus is on Jackie’s recovery and the support we are able to provide to her, both during and after her recovery.”

The investigation will look at the circumstances surrounding Sunday’s attack. The investigation will determine whether the employer was meeting the terms of the agreement that RRC had in place, whether sufficient security and training was provided to the student while on her work placement, and whether the facility met the required standards and expectations that RRC has with our practicum sites.

The investigation will also determine whether the College is at fault in any way, or if any policies or procedures need to be changed.

“This undertaking will ensure complete transparency and accountability on the part of the College,” said Vogt. “It will also help us evaluate whether we need to make changes internally to ensure our students continue to be safe and secure in all educational settings.”

Since Sunday, Red River College has been in constant contact with Healey’s sister, Jamie, and the College would like to thank her for keeping RRC updated regarding her sister’s condition and for making arrangements for members of our staff to meet with her to express their support, care and concern for her well-being.

“She is a very resilient, courageous and caring young woman, and even during this tragic incident she continues to express concern for the youth who assaulted her,” said Vogt. “She also continues to express a desire to continue her education – something that we will certainly support.”

RRC has extended an offer of services and support to Healey and her entire family during this challenging time, and will also be assisting her with accessing services and supports through the Workers Compensation Board, as students undergoing work place practicums are also covered under the Workers Compensation Act.

“As leaders in post-secondary education, we pride ourselves on providing a safe and supportive learning environment, and we will take the necessary steps to investigate this incident, determine what went wrong, and address it,” said Vogt. “