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Marketing and Web Presence

Marketing and Web Presence


What We’re Working on Now

January 16, 2019

With the College’s RRC Works campaign well under way, it’s time to give more context and substance to our tagline: What We’re Doing Is Working. Known as “Phase 2”, we’re aiming to continue fuelling and supporting the interest that was built in the launch phase. With the brand and tagline now well-established, we open with more industry- and audience-specific messaging, and close with the tagline.

Here’s a look at the first batch of our Phase 2 outdoor ads. Our standard “red” ads continue to use original photography with a focus on the College’s academic interest areas, while the brand new “blue” ads are specifically targeting those seeking a career change or a career upgrade.

It’s Prime Time for RRC

March 22, 2018

Red River College is making a splash on prime time TV this spring with our new marketing campaign aimed at growing community support for our ambitious development vision. The 30-second spot was produced in-house by our Marketing team – showcasing real RRC facilities and equipment. It includes an original score and voiceover talent by two-time RRC grad and Chief Operating Officer at the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network, Sky Bridges.

New RRC Campaign Goes to Work

March 9, 2018

A bold new marketing campaign — focused on raising broad awareness of how Red River College presents a worthwhile investment for donors — will be unveiled to Manitoba audiences this Monday. The RRC Works campaign will be the most comprehensive in our history, with a research-backed five-year plan and multi-media advertising, including television, radio, digital, print, billboards, and more.

Early focus will be on signature areas of the College that have the easiest to convey visual appeal. Here’s a look at the first batch of outdoor ads, which go to work for us this spring.

The Difference is Here – Billboards

March 21, 2017

Appearing this spring and summer on nearly 60 billboards throughout Winnipeg and rural Manitoba, the 2017 billboard campaign features more than 40 members from RRC’s diverse alumni community. #rrcgrad

RRC Hits the Big Screen

April 22, 2016

Red River College is making its big screen debut on April 29, 2016 with a new cinema pre-roll commercial. Produced entirely in-house, this 30-second spot – featuring an original score – is sure to get audiences talking. Our five-week campaign includes nearly every Cineplex and Landmark screen throughout Manitoba. Here’s a sneak preview:

RRC Grads Get Hired – Billboards

March 20, 2015

Red River College alumni are known throughout Manitoba and the world for possessing the skills required to become VIPs in their chosen fields – just one of the many reasons why Our Grads Get Hired. This spring, we’re celebrating the successes of our alumni and the diverse, innovative organizations that hire them.

We invited a number of these organizations to join us in a creative, co-operative advertising opportunity. Here’s a sample of the creative approach you’ll be seeing throughout Manitoba this spring.

2015 Open House Campaign

January 26, 2015

Red River College continues to see tremendous success recruiting students who attend our signature recruitment event: Open House.

For 2015, we have put together a multi-media marketing campaign that includes significant radio, print, online and mobile advertising throughout January and February. Here are a few samples:

Radio (1031 Virgin Radio Winnipeg, 99.9 BOB FM and TSN 1290)

Online (Facebook Newsfeed)

Facebook ad

Print (Winnipeg Metro)

Full-page ad in the Winnipeg Metro Banner ad in the Winnipeg Metro Half-page ad in the Winnipeg Metro