Dear Mona (Instructor), Today I received my CELBAN results and I am so happy to let you know that I passed!

I want to thank you for all your help achieving this goal and bringing me one step closer to my license. My other news is that I am working as a DA at the Winnipeg Clinic for a month or so, and I enjoy spending my days in a familiar environment for me, practicing my English writing and typing skills.”


“Thank you to my wonderful instructor, Mona, who helped me a lot to overcome all my fears and issues.

I started the course on February 2015, which was the most useful course in my life, without exaggeration. I required becoming a registered midwife to be eligible to work in Manitoba. So I had to pass both written and OSCE exams of midwifery in order to reach this goal and after going through a lot of processes, I did it, but I am absolutely sure I couldn’t pass if I didn’t participate in my English course, which not only helped me with the exams, but also is helping me to get through my intensive midwifery course now. I think all contents of the program were important and useful; especially the subjects such as how to write essays, how to prepare PowerPoint presentations, ISBAR Report, intercultural communication and a lot more which I use every day in my new course now.”


“I recommend this program for several reasons. Firstly, I came to know myself better. After being tested by different tasks which needed different talents, I noticed that I am very good in analyzing and have a thinker characteristic which made me to think about being a research assistant! Apart from that, I also learned about my strength and weakness in each skill.

The teacher’s guide and referral helped me a lot as I could get job. Referring me to [RRC’s Employment Services department] whether for resume or interview was a right decision! Also inviting some speakers helped me to find the information I needed for the exams.

Moreover, involving us in the process of learning rather than teaching was the greatest approach I had seen. Applying all the speaking, writing, listening and reading strategies in the health care related tasks, not only encouraged me to study and count this program as a bridge to my future profession but also helped me to understand the health and ethical dilemmas better due to the context of the tasks. I can mention role playing, patient case summarizing and note taking (which is similar to patient history taking in hospital), group discussion (which is similar to group discussion in medical team) and also videos for different hospital etiquette.

Truly, communication in a hospital is different from other places and I had struggle with communicating with different level of professions. In this program I learned how to deal with all these challenges and now I am confident enough for my job in Health Sciences Centre.

I am so grateful for all of your supports!”


“The Communication for Health Care Professions Program (COHE) has greatly helped improve my English communication skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing. The whole experience I had in the class has been a significant part in successfully passing the IELTS. It has taught me how to listen attentively to important details, reading and studying through the SQ3R method and confidently speaking with other people.

Writing has always been a big challenge for me but this program has guided me through the essential steps in essay writing. I gained so much knowledge which improved my capabilities and further honed my skills. Moreover, my instructor’s expertise, Mona Abu-Ghoush, has also greatly contributed in achieving my goal of passing the IELTS. I am forever thankful for everything that she has done – her guidance, dedication, patience in teaching the class which bring out the best in each one of us.

I am honored for having her as my mentor because she goes out of her way in helping me believe in my capabilities. She always motivated me to take the challenge and keep going to achieve my desired goals in life. I am grateful for the opportunity of being a part of this program and I wish it will continue so as to help more students like me.”


“Last Friday I got my Unofficial Score Report from the CELBAN Centre and I passed. Before the test I reviewed  all my notes from your classes, I tried to remember everything that you have taught me. During the test I have used all  your strategies. I always remember your classes, they helped me a lot.

From last September I have been working as a Companion in one small agency. I like that job because there I work with people and speak English. I am writing to tell you THANK YOU VERY MUCH for everything.”