Video Gallery

NOTE: These videos were created by students at the Language Training Centre. Some of the language programs mentioned in the videos may not be available to both Visa Students and Permanent Residents. Learn more about the specific programs for Visa Students and for Permanent Residents.

Welcome to the Language Training Centre

LTC: Informational Interviews

The Language Training Centre: Integration, Education and Employment

Hear about the history of the Language Training Centre and see how many students have improved their English communication skills. Hear their success stories and see what makes the LTC so special!

Our Journey

In this video, a group of students share their successful journey through the Communication for Health Professions program (formerly called English for Health Care Aides).

My Class, My Love

In 2015, a student created this beautiful video to express his thanks to his teacher and classmates.

Class Project: A Commercial

This beautiful commercial was created out of a class project from instructor, Melissa Flores. The class was reading brochures and listening to ads to analyze techniques such as “emotional appeal”, “plainfolk” and “music”. Her student, Sunny, created this amazing commercial which really shows the emotions of an international student living in Canada. What talented students we have at the LTC!

*Video published with permission from Sunny.