Counselling and Academic Advising Services

At LTC, we are committed to student success so we provide support and guidance to help students achieve their goals.

Counselling is a process of problem solving to generate options and solutions and helps you make informed decisions. It also provides you with information about available resources. It supports you through this process in a confidential and supportive way. Counselling Services is voluntary and confidential; it has been developed to help students reach academic and personal success.

Students are encouraged to meet with a Counsellor if you:

  • have problems that may be interfering with your learning at school
  • want information on career planning
  • feel isolated
  • feel sad or lonely
  • are having relationship problems
  • lack self-confidence
  • want information that might help you enhance your coping skills in Canada

Students are encouraged to meet with an Academic Advisor if you have questions about:

  • Admission requirements
  • How to apply
  • Finance/Student Aid


Counsellor: Larissa Klymkiv

To make an appointment with the Counsellor, email Larissa at

Academic Advisor: Ann Pederson

Students should be CLB level 7 or 8 to make individual appointments.

To make an appointment with Ann, send her an email at with the following information:

  • your full name
  • your CLB Level
  • the reason for your appointment (What would you like to discuss?)

Student Integration Services

My name is Jillian Hoogland and I am the Student Integration Coordinator at the LTC and I’m here to help students.

My job has two main parts. First, I do settlement advising. You can come to see me for information about issues like finding a doctor, renting an apartment or applying for different government programs. Second, I organize a program called the New Roots Program. This program offers workshops, social activities and special events to assist immigrant and international students build a social network in Canada, engage with the local community and access resources and information helpful for settlement in Winnipeg. The New Roots Program has three parts:

  1. “Lunch and Learn” Settlement Workshops
  2. Lunch Hour Social Groups
  3. Off Campus Activities

If you have questions, you can call me, send me an email, or stop by my office to book an appointment.

Contact Information

Jillian Hoogland
Room 419, 4th floor Language Training Centre
Phone: 204-945-6151 extension 6318

Computer Labs and Online Learning

Students at the LTC will study with lab instructors in computer labs.

Student Supports at Other RRC Campuses

  • Student Service Centres – These are the information centres of the college. The two Student Service Centres are located at the Notre Dame Campus and the Roblin Centre.
  • International Education Office (for visa students) – Students may have some uncertainty about living in a new country. The International Education Office offers a full range of services to help visa students during each phase of your study and your adjustment to the Canadian education system. The International Education Office is located at the Notre Dame Campus.
  • Diversity and Intercultural Services offers services for both international and immigrant students. The department can help students with settlement and academic issues. The department also offers a variety of programs and workshops to help students to develop valuable cross-cultural skills. Everyone is welcome at the Diversity Centre. The Diversity Centre is a gathering place for all students to meet with others from around the world and share stories and experiences. It is located at the Notre Dame Campus in Building D, Room 208.
  • Student Employment Services – Students and recent graduates can get help with job search strategies, resume and cover letter writing, interview preparation, employment application forms, and current labour market information. They can also find help looking for summer, part-time, full-time and temporary employment.
  • Athletics and Recreation Services – Many athletic and recreation services are available to the students of the Language Training Centre. With a student ID card, students can use the fitness centres at the Notre Dame Campus and the Roblin Centre. Students can also participate in fitness classes and intermural sports.
  • Student identification cards – This card identifies the students of Red River College so they can use the library and fitness facilities or receive discounts (for example, a discount on a bus pass). To get this photo ID card, students need to bring the following to the Student Service Centre at the Roblin Centre campus:
    • a regular photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.)
    • $35
    • student number

Supportive Organizations in Manitoba

Food Banks

Food banks are organizations that provide food to those in need.

Learn more about Food Banks